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What is the Enterprice Ethereum Alliance?

The Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, EEA short, aims to connect companies and organisations interested in developing new technology on the Ethereum blockchain. Their goal is to learn and build upon the blockchain technology and find ways to implement smart contracts in open-source software.

EEA launched as late as in the end of February of 2017 but already a lot of major companies have committed to joining forces. The list includes many Fortune 500 companies, financial institutions and tech-startups. A few of the most well known members are Microsoft, J.P Morgan, BP and Intel. You can find the full list of companies currently involved here.

Not every company in the collaboration intends to run their products on the public blockchain. Blockchain technology does not only offer technological benefits in the public manner, but also for private uses. We have previously mentioned some of those here at Coinworld. You can read our articles on the United Nations initiative in Syria and Reuters new software for distributing data to Wall Street firms here. We can expect to see a lot of new implementations and adaptions of the Ethereum technology in the future, both on the public and private blockchains. 

Future additions to the collaboration

Every couple of months EEA announces new members to their collaboration. There is already a lot of speculation about which corporations are joining the EEA in their next announcement at June the 30’th. Previously Ethereum prices have risen in anticipation for the new members and potential technological advancements.

Here at Coinworld we will give you the latest news and additions concerning the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance to keep you up to date.

If you want to learn more about the EEA you can visit their official website,

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