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EOS, an altcoin that has gained quite a momentum in the crypto market, features among the top ten crypto gainers. The cryptocurrency which jumped up by 5.74 percent recently, is all set to enter a new phase with some exciting development. With the majority of cryptocurrencies facing downward movements, EOS sudden rise to the top came as surprise to many. Ranking 5th by market currency, EOS is a promising currency that can pose a major threat to the market. If you are not attuned to the latest developments on the blockchain, here’s an insight into what EOS has been up to.

EOS Announces Dawn 4.0 Update

After released EOS dawn 3.0 a month back, the team has announced the launch of a new update, Dawn 4.0. The development team, which was busy with the cleanup of the EOSIO software, considers the switch to resolve a number of corner-cases and time-based applications, enabling an accurate measurement of the time lapse within its smart contracts. One of the most notable aspects of the update is the initial pricing of RAM, which is kept at $0.000018 per byte or $20/token. This means new accounts will need 4KB of RAM worth of $0.10. As per the regulations of Dawn 3.0 contract, account holders could sell RAM for their paid price. Since the team’s goals were to disincentivize hoarding and speculations, users who bought RAM at such rates didn’t get any incentive to free RAM from others. As the RAM market is steadily growing, it is easier to find speculators willing to trade RAM price-volatility for better outcomes.

All You Need to Know About Dawn 4.0

The CTO of, Daniel Larimer has announced the launch of EOSIO Dawn 4.0 on on May 5, and since then it has become all the rage in the community. Dawn 4.0, or the latest system update for decentralized applications, will include a number of notable changes., one of the leading names in the software publishing, has been widely acknowledged for designing operating systems with industrial-scale applications.

EOSIO, one of the most active C++ projects on Github, ranks eighth in the market, while Bitcoin holds the sixth position. The new update mainly focuses on the inter-blockchain communication, a huge factor which is responsible for scaling up blockchains. As per the statement issued by Daniel Larimer, the intercommunication features of Dawn 4.0 will allow applications running to different blockchains the opportunity to buy the unused RAM. Simply put, Dawn 4.0 strives to incentivize users to distribute their unused RAM, enabling supply and demand to regulate the price. Considering the increasing demand for RAM, the price is likely to increase exponentially.

EOS Announces an Airdrop and Mainnet Launch

As the EOS investors are likely to be aware of, there are some new developments on the horizon. Apart from the much hyped-up announcement of the new airdrop, investors can reap the benefits from the mainnet launch, which will take place a few weeks later. People who wish to participate will need to register their EOS tokens on EOS platform, and store the coins on a web wallet which is compatible with ETH. As per the official warning issued by EOS, “If you have at least 25 EOS Tokens in an EOS Registered wallet for which you control the private key (for example a Hardware Wallet, MyEtherWallet, Metamask, etc) then you will automatically receive your Evolution Tokens, there is nothing else you need to do. DO NOT use an exchange wallet.”

EOS Gears up for a Bull Run

According to the price records, EOS is the second largest gainer at the moment.  With the price moving up by 5.74% from its earlier position, the cryptocurrency leads the price rally this week. Needless to say, its recent upsurge also coincides with a bullish momentum. But this bullish uptrend differs greatly from its April counterpart. As you are likely to familiar with its milestone, the cryptocurrency has reached an all-time high recently and is aiming to reach higher consolidation in the coming days. Trading at $18.35 at the time of writing, EOS boasts a market capitalization of $15,466,714,037 and is traded at a volume of $1,749,120,000 as of May 8, 2018.

Will EOS cross the $20.00 price level? Discernibly, it has made some noteworthy updates on the blockchain to cater to the users’ convenience and going by the progress made by EOSIO team, it is not difficult to imagine EOS making it big this year. Whether or not EOS will cross the $20 mark is highly debatable but one can certainly expect that the Bull Run will continue for this rising altcoin.

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