There are always some interesting Google Trends to take note of. In most cases, people focus on terms such as “Bitcoin”, “Blockchain”, or “Litecoin”. Ethereum has also been quite the successful search term these past few years. However, it looks like Etherium is a very close second. It is just a letter difference, yet it shows a lot of people may need to look at how project names should be written.

Etherium is a Popular Google Trend It Seems

It is always quite funny to see how people have different names for the project they are interested in. Bitcoin has been called quite a few things in the past, yet most people manage to spell it correctly without any issues. That is not the case for every project, especially not if the name of the projects sounds like it could be written in multiple ways. Lightcoin became a hot Google Trend during times of increasing Litecoin interest, for example. Oddly enough, Lightcoin was a different cryptocurrency altogether.

It appears the same is now happening with Ethereum – or Etherium – depending on how great your spelling capabilities are. A screenshot has surfaced on Twitter, which shows how Etherium is becoming quite the Google Trend as of late. That should not surprise anyone, as a lot of people have issues properly spelling these project names the first time they come across the concept. Moreover, a lot of people on social media mispronounce Ethereum as well, and it seems this has a viral effect of sorts.

Remarkably enough, it appears the Ethereum developers had anticipated such a thing would happen. More specifically, if you conduct a Google search for Etherium, the first result will automatically be the official Ethereum website. It is good to see this is the case, although it is only a matter of time until someone launches a clones website on the domain. Oddly enough, there is a game on the Steam Store which is called Etherium, which may skew the search results a bit.

It is certainly possible a lot of people type Etherium instead of Ethereum because they spell the name incorrectly. Then again, there could be a dozen other reasons for this “mistake” as well. One thing is certain, the search trends for Etherium went up around the same time as Ethereum started becoming more popular. It is possible the correlation is a lot stronger than most people think, but it is impossible to say for sure what the real reason is for this Google Trend.

Rest assured the influence of social media plays a big role in these search results as well. We see the term “Etherium” come by on multiple occasion when people are discussing the Ethereum project. Wrong spelling is quite common on social media these days, yet it appears the Google Trends results only confirm the popularity of this new term. Regardless of how it is typed, people will eventually land on the information they were looking for in the first place, though.

It is not unlikely we will see more of these unusual Google Trends in the future. Etherium and Ethereum are both the same project unless you are looking for the aforementioned video game. It is highly unlikely the game would generate such a large amount of Google searches around the time period depicted in the picture, though. Still, it makes for quite an interesting discussion, to say the least.

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