On October 21, there will be a new addition to the 2018 ICO list courtesy of Exosis. Described as a multifaceted crypto platform, Exosis is bidding to become a one-stop-shop for all your online investment, storage and e-commerce needs. In simple terms, the multiutility platform will contain four main features:

  • A multiplatform wallet.
  • A virtual master node.
  • An OTC platform (off-exchanging trading options).
  • A decentralized e-commerce site.

Breaking the Single-Minded Mindset

Powering each of these features will be the Exosis coin (EXO). According to the developers behind the Exosis initial coin offering (ICO), this project does what every other altcoin isn’t. By using its own mainnet, the team can not only control the scalability of the platform but incorporate multiple businesses models into one. In contrast, projects that launch on the Ethereum blockchain are only able to offer a single business. Having a flexible model means that investors in the Exosis ICO are buying a “utility token” rather than a rigid cryptocurrency, according to the platform’s developers.

In simple terms, the overall goal of Exosis is to create an ecosystem where coins are always in demand. Whether it’s people wanting to trade, shop or develop apps on the network, there will always be a need for Exosis tokens. Based on the logic of supply and demand, this should ensure Exosis coins always have an inherent value. If that proves to be the case, investing in the Exosis ICO between October 21 and November 19 could prove to be a wise investment.

Exosis ICO Could Usurp Ethereum’s Power

Can Exosis overtake Ethereum’s ICO dominance?

In terms of specifics, Exosis expects to start with 21 million EXO, with two million coins pre-mined for the initial coin offering. There will be a 10% referral and bounty bonuses, while remaining coins will be allocated to the following functions:

  • Reservation for market backup (50%)
  • Promotion and advertising (30%)
  • Development (20%)

Anyone interested in the Exosis ICO can invest using BCH, ZEC, DASH, DOGE and BTC. Finally, the value of a single EXO will be $5. Looking through the latest ICO list, Exosis certainly stands out. However, the market for token sales has taken a knock recently following a report that 80% of the ICOs in 2017 were scams. Despite that, the push for greater flexibility is unique and something that we’ve not seen in the ICO news headlines this year. Indeed, while Ethereum-based projects continue to dominate the ICO crypto market, Exosis may be able to steal some of its shine.

Although the platform is nowhere near as developed, EXO will have an inherent value. While many would argue that Ethereum’s ETH is integral to the blockchain, there are those that say it isn’t. Whether or not that’s the case, this argument has caused the price of ETH to plateau in recent months. This is a gap in the market that Exosis could fill.

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