On IT security specialist and identity management Accessec GmbH has on the IOTA – Tangle developed based Car-wallet and a point of sale (POS) demonstrator, as the company in a press release on 28 February announced .

The simultaneous use of a car wallet and the matching PoS terminal solution “will enable automotive suppliers, OEMs and charging infrastructure companies to equip all vehicle control units and charging stations with compatible technology,” the company explains the benefit of the new solution.

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In order to enable a highly secure system, all individual components were thoroughly examined for safety-relevant features and a strict SDLC process (Secure Software Development Lifecycle) was used.

The results of modeling possible threats “can be reused for production-ready deployment,” Accessec continues. As far as the reliability of your own solution is concerned, the developers obviously have no doubts, as another statement shows:

“Thus, many operational security issues of existing and implemented wallets or PoS terminal software modules no longer pose a threat.”

In the next step, Accessec is looking for cooperation partners and is already leading “numerous discussions”. The focus is on possible OEM partners, Tier One suppliers and infrastructure operators, according to the company.

Tests and prototypes to block chain applications in the automotive sector, there are also already some, such as the US initiated mobile operators Sprint block chain platform for cars or patented by Ford system for traffic control through car-to-car-crypto communication.

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