2017 is coming to end and a lot is happening in the blockchain space. Ophir Gertner, founder of blockchain firm Stox and also, has joined the advisory board of NKOR, a blockchain firm dealing with legal issues and copyright infringement.

Gertner will be in the company of business pioneers Anatoliy Melnichuk, CEO of Groupon-SnapSaves, Andrey Yashunsky, partner at Da Vinci Capital, and David Mickler, co-founder of QVentures.

Welcoming Gertner into the team, NKOR CEO Eric Klein said: “We are extremely happy that a Blockchain persona such as Ophir chose to partner with us. That certainly reinforces the claim that NKOR has risen to the right path.”

In August 2017, Gertner led to raise $30 million in less than 48 hours through an ICO. The marketing of that ICO got a massive boost last week when American boxing champion Floyd Mayweather promoted Stox on Instagram, where he has over 16 million followers.

NKOR is working on a blockchain-based solution to address the complex legal challenges constantly faced with the copyrighting of an original work. This will give creators and artists huge leverage, as the distributed system will allow them to share their digital work directly between community members.

NKOR’s project is still in the development stage, but the firm has raised around $1 million in funds already. Gertner is also one of the investors in this project.

Copyright infringement is a huge issue among content creators. “Recently we are witnessing a flourishing industry of copyright infringement,” said Eric Klein in an interview. “I believe that within five years the need for intermediaries and lawyers will decline drastically, and creators will have a lower cost for registering their copyright in NKOR than in standard use through a lawyer or DRM software. they will spare themselves the legal tangle. It follows that legal claims in that field may be avoided in the first place. Mediators, including attorneys for intellectual property registration, will be required in a reduced manner.”

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