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The days of the fruit slot machine may be a little way behind us, but finding out fruit slot machine cheats that work makes a fun trip down memory lane. To be fair, how behind us are they really as well? Casinos with a fruit slots machine, or at least arcades, do still exist. 

While this is by no means an article created with the intention of encouraging cheats, it is a fun thing to know about. Besides, there’s truly no better feeling than a win from slots, positive affirmation that lady luck truly is on your side. Read on to learn more about fruit slot machine cheats that work. 

Monkey’s Paw Fruit Slot Machine Cheat 

Inspired by the very popular old tale involving a dead monkey (we didn’t say it was a happy one), which granted the wishes of its owner. However, like most allegorical fables these events didn’t end up going too well for the owner. The monkey’s paw was a device used to cheat. 

With this device, players could cheat at slots by slipping it into the slot machine to adjust the outcome of the game. Of course in most cases, this adjustment of the outcome would be to give the player a payout. This is similar to the bottom joint method used to cheat with a slot machine. 

Bottom Joint Slot Fruit Machine Cheat 

Another popular slot machine cheat went by the title of bottom joint, and although we’ve mentioned it, the title alone doesn’t really give away what this cheat was about exactly. It involved a piece of metal, normally aluminium, being placed inside a slot machine to release coins from the machine. 

This piece of aluminium, or bottom joint, would then cause the machine to release coins so that the gamer, or more so cheat, got a win. It’s a very sneaky fruit slot machine cheat thought to be quite popular, but one that wouldn’t work now as slots have wisened up to this kind of cheating. 

Strategy as a Fruit Slot Machine Cheat 

This is something that we can all actually take advantage of, as long as it’s done correctly and ethically – and that’s using a strategy. Although it may seem odd to put a strategy onto a fruit slot machine cheats list, we’ve done so for a reason. While it’s not exactly a cheat, it does still work. 

A fruit slot machine cheat in the form of a strategy is about as honest as cheats get – let’s be honest! Of course, slot games and wins are determined by algorithms, but it’s easy enough to spot patterns and play to them for the chance to win big in most cases. 

Fruit Slot Machine Cheats that Work Conclusion 

So there you have it, while it may seem a little dated it’s interesting to know that there are fruit slot machine cheats that work, and they’re easy to find. While we don’t recommend cheating, the strategy option isn’t at all bad. Why not head to your favourite casino and find a fruit slot machine to play today?

Image by Adam Lane from Pixabay

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