Product quality is a critical success factor for the Manufacturing lndustry. Assembled products can consist of hundreds of components and their production is based on complex processes. For audit trails in industrial production environments and supply chains IOTA provides a single source of truth.

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In the age of lndustry 4.0 manufacturing and supply chains become more connected and produce increasing amounts of data. The promise of this is to leverage efficiency and quality in processes and products which help manufacturers to differentiate from their competitors. The challenge is to build trust in product quality and integrity.

“Fujitsu is well-equipped to help roll out IOTA as the new protocol standard as we are experts in both IT services and the manufacturing of IT products.” Leopold Sternberg, Program Manager, Industry 4.0 Competence Center, Fujitsu


  • To demonstrate an audit trail for a production process with IOTA as an immutable data storage medium.
  • To engage with the manufacturing and automotive industry and to drive IOTA-based innovation with Fujitsu’s Co-creation approach.


  • Transparency: lmproves quality management, after sales processes and customer care management.
  • Trust in Data: For compliance audits IOTA provides a cryptographically secure source of unified truth.
  • Data Security: Prevents negative intluences such as security breaches, data corruption, or fraud.


  • ldentity and Access Management combining Fujitsu PalmSecure Palm Vein Pattern Recognition Technology and IOTA Tangle.
  • Comprehensive interaction along supply chains and ecosystems based on a global, open source network.


Fujitsu is the leading Japanese information and communication technology (ICT) company and the world’s fifth-largest IT services provider. Fujitsu offers a full range of technology products, solutions, and services. Approximately 140,000 Fujitsu people support customers in more than 100 countries.