Futurism Forum is happy to announce its international online invite-only conference on AI, Cyber Security, and Blockchain on October 6-8!

We are a team of industry experts with a huge R&D center bringing together the world’s leading minds to build tech communities of the future. We open up new opportunities for businesses, government, start-ups, and aspiring entrepreneurs who want to be ahead of the curve. Over the course of three days, we will answer the main questions about blockchain, AI, and cybersecurity. You will learn how to adopt the latest technologies to get a competitive advantage, learn about real business cases, and gain valuable knowledge for creating and managing teams in a rapidly growing ecosystem.

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Forum reaches technology and business topics: project workflow, dataset optimization, and solution validation, architecture, and integration into existing products. Problems of education and raising expertise. The path from problem to solution in the product. Issues of implementation and feasibility of AI and blockchain in various fields. Difficulties in team formation, cost, and project evaluation.

Your visit to Futurism Forum will open the doors to success through invaluable industry connections. Where else will you have the chance to meet with some of the sector’s fastest-growing companies, the newest startups, and the pioneering scaleups? Connect with CEOs, Founders, and Heads of incredible industry pioneers?

Why should you attend?

  • Only top-quality content backed by real-life stories
  • Our speakers are real industry leaders with a long history of successful technology solutions and they are ready to share their experience
  • Unique insights from this conference will contribute to your professional growth
  • Futurism Forum draws diverse participants including innovators, startups, analysts, and industry experts who are involved in blockchain, AI, cybersecurity. Our speakers work in VCs, government bodies, act as investors and regulators.
  • Futurism Forum brings you productive networking. Have you always wanted to meet heads and CEOs of global companies? We can help you!

Among the growing list of keynote speakers are CEOs of international technology companies, global AI, cybersecurity and blockchain experts, regulators, and government representatives from across the globe.

When? October 6-8 (three-day conference), 2020


Apply to attend:

If you are an innovator, startup, analyst, expert, or scale-up. Working for a VC, government body investor, or regulator. If you are involved in AI, blockchain, data security – Join us!

Join us and keep up with changing technology trends!


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