What the Human Genome Project took years to do can now be achieved within minutes, thanks to advancements in genetic sequencing techniques and state-of-the-art laboratory equipment that accelerates the gene mapping process. At the same time, scientists still don’t have a clear understanding of the whole human genome, which has turned genetic research and studies into a central branch of biological and medical research.

In order to conduct these studies, scientists will need biological samples from lots of subjects along with their medical history and other relevant information. These samples will have to be sequenced, analyzed and referenced against the existing records in an attempt to make sense of various gene functions and potential implications on human health. Almost all the data that are part of such studies are private, and utmost care must be taken, by law to ensure their confidentiality. However, with many people from various places involved in handling and analyzing the data, privacy concerns are on the rise among the participants of these studies.

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Most of these studies involve public participation, where people voluntarily submit their samples for the benefit of scientific research (sometimes against a small payment). However, once the sample is provided, there is no way of knowing what happened to it, who had access to it and whether the confidentiality was maintained throughout the process or not.

In order to alleviate the concerns about the confidentiality of genetic information and to bring in transparency and accountability to the process, Encrypgen has introduced a blockchain based solution called Gene-Chain. Gene-Chain makes use of the qualities of distributed ledger technology to provide a safe, transparent and private option for laboratories and research facilities to store, analyze and handle sensitive genomic data.

Gene-Chain ensures that the medical research is not hampered due to privacy concerns by offering systems that not only makes it easier for the researchers to ensure proper handling but also provides individuals/subjects control over their medical/genetic information. This way, both the parties can have a peace of mind and carry on with their daily activities.

Gene-Chain is an affordable solution designed to work with existing laboratory systems so that it doesn’t disrupt any ongoing work for the sake of implementing a blockchain solution. The platform is fueled by Gene-Chain Coin, and it is now being offered as part of the ongoing ICO campaign. The ICO will not only help Encrypgen raise required funds to develop Gene-Chain further but also allows interested investors to become part of the movement.

The platform has already raised a total of 108 BTC of the 1000 BTC goal.

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