I always like to quote Gordon Gekko whenever I am bullish about a coin. I have done it before and allow me to do so again. ‘Money Never Sleeps,’ is a saying that was popularized by the same Gordon Gekko in the Wallstreet series of blockbuster movies. Allow me to modify that saying and with respect to Stellar (XLM) when I say ‘Stellar (XLM) Will Not Sleep!’

Let me attempt to convince you why you should get some Stellar (XLM) and HODL like your life dependes on it.

Firstly, the coin is cheap. Yes. It is dirt cheap. You cannot get a coin with this much potential and currently trading at $0.227 on coinmarketcap and at the moment of writing this. Stellar (XLM) is currently ranked 8th. When you look at the coins that are above it on the listing, only Ripple (XRP) is under a dollar and trading at $0.68 due to the current market dip. As a matter of fact, this is the reason Stellar is also cheap. The waters of the crypto market are a bit choppy due to a weak Bitcoin (BTC) that is trading at $8,231.

Some so called experts on the web claim that this is the last dip before the massive pump that is about to happen. Some say this is the beginning of the end and that Bitcoin (BTC) will drop a bit further to even levels of $3,000. I say that if you are going to buy Stellar (XLM) it is wise to buy at least some now and watch how the market performs in a week. If it goes up, buy some more. If it goes down, buy some more. Either way, buy some more!

The second reason you should go hard on Stellar (XLM) or go home is the past performance of the coin. When I first heard about Stellar (XLM) I was still a foolish cryptocurrency skeptic. This was back in June 2017 when I attended my second meetup on blockchain. The presenter was talking about the vision of the project and he mentioned that the coin was valued at $0.032 and had jumped 742% in less than two months from a value of $0.0038 in April, 2017. Stellar was then to peak at $0.876 on January 4th this year. This is a gain of 2,637% from the June 2017 value and 22,952% from the April 2017 value.

I think by now you are beginning to see that the only way is up for Stellar (XLM) after the current market correction, or dip, or FUD, is over.

The third reason to buy some Stellar (XLM) is the exciting roadmap lined up for us by the team at Stellar. SDEX – The Stellar Decentralized Exchange – is rumored to be up and running anytime from now. SDEX will be the world-class front end decentralized exchange that we’ve all been waiting for. It will enable on-chain, protocol-level trades for any Stellar token and will create liquidity to minimize spreads and maximize choice of assets. The Stellar team promises very low trading fees and cheapest rates between any two asset. When this platform goes live, we are in for a treat at the market.

The same roadmap highlights the Lightning network on Stellar. This is the same lightning network that is being praised with having the potential of saving Bitcoin from the hurdles it is facing with transactions. It will be faster and cheaper to transact using Bitcoin (BTC) with the help of the already live Lightning Network (LND). The Beta version of the network is live according to Lightning Labs. LND will have a huge positive effect on Stellar in the long term by making it more versatile in terms of scalability and increasing on its security.

The fourth and final reason why you should go hard on Stellar (XLM) today or go home, is the recently confirmed partnership with Keybase. The partnership will allow for Stellar to access Keybase’s ground breaking effort to link strong cryptography to real-world identity. With Keybase, one can send XLM funds to someone by only knowing their Twitter or Reddit Handle. Imagine that? No more complex addresses. This will add on the already efficient social media platforms available. The transactions will be secure through Keybase’s cryptography methods.

Therefore, ladies and gentlemen, I hope I have highlighted a few reasons to get some Stellar (XLM). And as I advised, this is a buy and HODL. Do not buy today and complain about no action in the markets after 2 weeks. If you are such a person, Stellar (XLM) is not for you.

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