MIOTA currently trades at $1.45 against the USD; low enough to be a great buy should prices rally and it hits a projected $5 in Q4 2018. However, these two reasons make buying IOTA now great.

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IOTA’s scalability: The Tangle and the DAG make this platform one of the best when it comes to solving scalability issues plaguing coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Currently, the network is quite slow due to the low demand. However, as the demand for MIOTA and related payments grows, the network is expected to be able to scale to infinite proportions. What this means is that it becomes better with use, unlike some of the current blockchains that become sluggish with increased use.

IOTA and technological advancement: This is one of the main reasons to invest in MIOTA. The crypto is uniquely positioning itself in the tech space with IoT and M2M at the center of all that will likely be a catalyst of its price explosion. This is being achieved via strategic partnerships, two of which are the recent deals with the UN and In addition, IOTA has secured some great partnerships with BOSCH, Volkswagen, and Porsche. And with partnerships in eHealth, smart energy, and supply chain, future adoptions of IOTA make the current price a bargain

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