What a month it has been for blockchain and crypto world. From prices of crypto currencies skyrocketing to Governments accepting it as a currency, it has put the critics in a state of bewilderment. In March last year, the Japanese cabinet recognized virtual currencies like bitcoin to have the same properties as money as a means of payment and settlement. The Japanese legislature passed the bill to regulate virtual currency exchanges in mid-2016.

MCAP Tokens breaks the 3 million Sales Records

With prices of crypto currencies other than bitcoin rising to all time highs and as MCAP invests in mining of crypto currencies so sell of MCAP Tokens have surged since then. The bigger achievement for MCAP was that the recent development in Japan has attracted a lot of investors towards crypto mining and ICOs. In other major markets, like London and Australia, the banking establishment can’t wait to cast shade upon the encroaching Bitcoin industry, closing down corporate accounts without warning, and deliberately undermining their ability to do business. The banks in that market act against Bitcoin businesses out of fear. It appears quite the opposite is happening in the fast-growing Japanese Fintech market.

Tech Bureau’s CEO, Takao Asayama, said “By providing the most-user friendly crypto currency exchange on the market, we are creating an environment that encourages Japanese people to increasingly rely on crypto currencies in the future.”

Steps by MCAP to handle the high traffic

MCAP team is taking all possible steps to ensure the incoming high traffic is handled efficiently. As one of the major steps MCAP is launching it own trading platform on 27th May. This will be a huge stepping-stone towards user convenience and providing other alternatives to users for trading. We at MCAP believe in the empowerment of our participants and for that we want to equip them with options to trade with MCAP in other currencies too.

MCAP will be soon launched in other famous crypto currency exchanges also. This will faster the current steps towards scaling up. The participants who are investing in MCAP will further have tools and resources to use MCAP as their favorite currency for trading. So stay tuned, there are lots of developments we’re doing at MCAP to ensure assure returns for our participants. We will keep you updated.

The last date to buy MCAP token is 27th May. So, hurry up!

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