Last November, a new Bitcoin Cash-powered publishing platform was launched called Honest Cash after the blogging site opted to follow the BSV chain following the blockchain split. Since then, the Honest Cash application has seen significant growth, new features, and a custom SLP-created coin called the Honest Cash Token (HCT).

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Bitcoin Cash Social Media App Honest Cash Grows Bigger Every Month

The BCH-centric publishing platform for content creators Honest Cash has seen a lot of changes in the last four months. In November, the project was initially launched by Adrian Barwicki, a programmer and the creator of the Panda Suite software development kit (SDK). Since the launch, the publishing application Honest Cash has seen a bunch of growth and Barwicki is still keeping signups at bay by utilizing an invite-only mechanism for registration. tested the platform when it first launched by being one of the first 100 activated accounts but since then the platform has gained a total of 1,184 users. According to the team, Honest Cash is getting around 5,000 visitors per month and traction is growing.

“In the first 2 weeks of February, Honest Cash has got more new users than in November, December and January, respectively,” explained Honest Cash’s Adrian Barwicki.

Honest Cash Publishing App Sees Organic Growth and New Features
Soon Honest Cash users will be able to sign up with their Twitter handle or by using the Badger Wallet.

When Honest Cash first launched, the application was very simple with a tool that allowed for various formatting techniques. Since then the application has added the ability to upload photos, add tags and share using buttons tied to Reddit and Twitter. Moreover, posts have a payment button tied to them as well so visitors can tip in a matter of seconds. Honest Cash recently added a native wallet to the system and when a user signs up they are given a 12-word mnemonic seed phrase. There’s also a traditional QR code below the post so people can tip the author with other wallets. Upvoted transactions are also stored onchain so users can verify the traction of the post.

Honest Cash Publishing App Sees Organic Growth and New Features
There are numerous Honest Cash posts about various subjects including art, hacking, cryptocurrencies, politics, traveling, and food. This was a popular post about an analysis of Twitter subjects being discussed between proponents of the three dominant Bitcoin implementations.

The Honest Cash Token and Badger Signups Soon

On Feb. 6, the Honest Cash founders revealed they were partnering with the Patreon alternative The two teams hope the relationship will bolster a larger audience by providing users with the ability to “earn pledges and secure backing within both platforms.” During the second week of February, the Honest Cash team announced the distribution of a fraction of its Simple Ledger Protocol (SLP) coins called Honest Cash Tokens.

Honest Cash Publishing App Sees Organic Growth and New Features

The team has been distributing HCT tokens to some of its Twitter followers and content creators on the platform. For instance, on Feb. 13, Honest Cash administrators announced a 1,000 HCT giveaway to users who write about advocating for an underdog. “Write a post on on any topic surrounding; honesty, censorship or discrimination,” explained the team.

Honest Cash Publishing App Sees Organic Growth and New Features
Posts offer a payment button, Twitter and Reddit share feature, upvoting onchain, and a traditional QR code.

Bitcoin cash users have been publishing material on the platform regularly and Honest Cash posts can be seen on the popular Reddit forum r/btc on a daily basis. The developers of Honest Cash seem to be integrating a system that lets users sign up with Badger Wallet or with a Twitter handle in the near future. Currently, signups are still by email only and registrants are allowed to create a password and write down their mnemonic phrase. From there, registrants are put on the Honest Cash waiting list until the next batch of users is approved.

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Image credits: Shutterstock, and the Honest Cash platform.

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