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Buying and selling BTC or ETH had become a more common activity, now that cryptocurrencies are benefiting from an increasing popularity. People have so many options to get involved in the world of crypto, but one of the issues arising at present has to do with many the industry over complicated for the “average Joe on the street”. If you are a beginner with cryptocurrencies, this material is intended to provide a way to buy or sell easily, without having to deal with complex exchange platforms.

Choose simple exchange platforms

To buy physical cryptocurrencies, you will need to work with an exchange platform. Thanks to an abundance of brands offering such services, your options are endless. However, not all of them manage to offer a simple and affordable solution, especially when it comes to beginners. Brands like BitOfHeaven are successful in offering access to a platform that can be used without any prior experience.

Cryptocurrencies should be available for anybody and a decentralized financial system can be part of the future. To reach that point, when money gets 100%, the crypto industry can be a vehicle that makes people accustomed to the idea. Unfortunately, popular exchange platforms had deviated from the goal of mass adoption and instead are addressing only those that have some knowledge of the industry.

Exchange registration – a key factor

Cryptocurrency exchange is an easy process when using a platform compliant with the law. is a platform registered with the Financial Intelligence Unit of Estonia, ensuring the highest standards for exchanging fiat into crypto. Although the idea of a financial system not altered by the government is good, it is important to work with a registered cryptocurrency exchange, because only that will provide enough assurance the company works on behalf of customers.

Thankfully, in 2020 we have plenty of countries that have developed standards for exchanges and the industry is gradually moving in line with other economic sectors. This is good for consumers and the broad crypto industry, as well, since it forces all market plays to stand by a generally-agreed set of rules.

Open a wallet

Owning “physical cryptocurrency” will require you to have a wallet. You can either choose a hot wallet (available online via multiple providers) or a hardware wallet (physical devices with enhanced security features). For most people, a hot wallet is the most convenient choice and due to its simplicity, anybody can use one.

To help customers, exchanges like are assisting clients in opening a personal crypto wallet, as well. You need to understand the difference between the wallet opened with the account on the exchange platform and your personal crypto wallet where funds are stored once you buy crypto for fiat.

Cryptocurrency wallets are increasingly popular now that we can use them on both desktop and mobile devices. Making payments or sending money are two of the most popular tasks that can be performed with crypto, as well as holding tokens for the long-term as an investment.

Bitcoin price on the rise

Bitcoin had been one of the most active cryptocurrencies this year, managing to reach the $12,000 mark for the first time in a year. The price action activity had provided plenty of opportunities for those who exchanged fiat into crypto. is one of the exchanges aware of the opportunities that might lie on the horizon and provides best avaialble rates for Bitcoin, using partnerships with miners and other popular exchanges.

Since it is still the cryptocurrency market leader, Bitcoin continues to attract broad investments from both retail and institutional investors. At the same time, due to ample liquidity, buying Bitcoin is not expensive.

Ethereum follows on the same path

Despite an inconsistent performance from the start of 2018 to the end of 2019, Ethereum managed to remain the second-largest cryptocurrency in the world. This year, it had managed to reach $400 per token for the first time since mid-2018, an impressive achievement and major good news for people that had been buying at lower valuations.

Ethereum is a cryptocurrency supported by, as well as most of the other exchange platforms in the world. It benefits from similar popularity as Bitcoin and in the absence of a major competitor, the probability for it to remain a major crypto name is still elevated.


Buying/selling BTC or ETH easily in 2020 is no longer an issue, even for people that don’t have any experience with cryptocurrencies. Some exchanges have a proactive approach in providing simple platforms and professional customer services to assist anyone interested to be part of the major cryptocurrency revolution.

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