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Good morning! Good afternoon! Good evening! Salutations to you wherever you are in this wonderful planet of ours with different time zones. I believe you are a Rippler like I am. By Rippler, I mean a HODLer and believer of the coin and the technology exhibited by the Ripple (XRP) project. Personally, I was singing the tune that Ripple (XRP) is the best coin out there from late June last year, 2017. Back then, everyone was either singing that either Bitcoin (BTC) or Ethereum (ETH) is the King Of The Hill in this Crypto-Verse. But it is self evident that Ripple (XRP) is the only coin that has three real life payment settlement software out there in the financial world.

The problem is, these three options of xVia, xCurrent and xRapid do not use any of the Ripple (XRP) coins in circulation that stand at 39,094,227,299. Therefore, irrespective of what major bank (like the Central Bank of Saudi Arabia) or giant money remitting service provider (Moneygram, Western Union) willing to partner with Ripple , the price of the coin will not go up as we want.

But fear not. A few suggestions are sure to cause the price of XRP to Moon and even reach the disputed planet of Pluto.

To start, all Ripple holders need to free up some of their funds locked up in other coins and tokens and use them to keep buying and HODLing Ripple. This will reduce the available 39 Billion XRP in the Crypto marketsYes. It is drastic and in a sense, some type of market manipulation. But most of our funds are locked up in smaller, less impressive coins and tokens that I shall not mention for respect of their projects and fear of repercussions. But let us be rational. Perhaps having 60% of your portfolio in XRP is not a bad idea.

A second way of assisting the price of our beloved Ripple is by getting the word out to other cryptocurrency owners and traders. Looking at the impressive rise and dominance of Bitcoin for example, one can see it is the community of Bitcoin hodlers and users that managed to publicize the usability of the coin that first facilitated private transactions. This led to publicity and fear of use in illegal activities. Then the media caught on. (By the way, bad publicity is not bad. It is actually free and the best if you can work around it.) Then everyone bought some BTC including Wallstreet who then came up with another investment product: BTC futures. Therefore, we need to spread the word about Ripple by climbing to the highest hill in the world wide web, and telling people how amazing the coin and technology is. This will in turn convince them to buy some XRP.

A third and very probable way Ripple will climb to the top, is if Bitcoin crashes in the markets with a loud bang. The way the market has been behaving, Bitcoin, being King Of The Hill, has been unable to maintain volumes that would keep the price above $9,000. The current price of BTC is still impressive if you compare it with its value at the same time last year: $919. Since then, BTC has done close to a cool 1,000% in the upward direction when using today’s price. But its stagnation and dominance in the markets is not helping Ripple (XRP). BTC needs to either keep going up or give up the throne to the more deserving Ripple.

Fourth and most likely the true way the price of Ripple will go up, is if one of these major companies partnering with Ripple, actually uses the coins in circulation for its payment settlement plans. A good candidate would be Santander that wants to launch an international money transfer app based on xCurrent or the RippleNet platform.  I would suggest a basic Ripple wallet with something similar to what Stellar (XLM) intends to do with Keybase. The Stellar and Keybase partnership will allow Stellar to use Keybase’s technology that links strong cryptography to real-world identity. This means you can send XLM coins to someone by just using his Twitter handle or even Reddit username. Perhaps Santander needs to come up with a similar solution to use the current coins in circulation.

In conclusion, and with a glimmer of hope, Ripple (XRP) will reach the much anticipated $10 or even $20 through the above mentioned radical methods.

To the Ripple HODLers, KEEP HODLING!

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