Just of recent,there is a massive interest in bitcoin from big institutions which move the price and setting up the bull run for the year. Interest by these big institutions has brought in new people into crypto space as well as bad actors. 

In other to prevent the actions of these bad actors when converting your bitcoin to naira in Nigeria, you must exchange your crypto on a good platform. Jackobian is the active and fast platform you really need, to exchange your crypto to naira in a very fast manner without restriction and limit.

Introducing Jackocoins

 Jackocoins is one of the most trusted,reliable and secure crypto exchange in Nigeria, offering exchange for bitcoin,ethereum,USDT and more crypto to be added with time, instantly into your naira bank account.

It employ advance technology in offering this services to crypto traders which aid instant selling of cryptocurrency into naira bank account with full or partial automation.

We offer high rate for all your crypto, especially on USDT

How to sell crypto on Jackobian

 Jackocoin is available on both mobile app and website, follow below steps to start selling your cryptocurrency;

Step 1: Register or log in your account

Step 2: set up your default bank account.

a) Click on top right menu button > bank account

b) add new bank account details and save

  C) make default

Note: You can save multiple accounts detail, just make sure you set the default account when selling into different account

Every time you receive crypto on your Jackocoin wallet,it will be sold at current price (USDT having the highest rate) and payment will be sent to default bank account.

Step 3: Set wallet mode ON or OFF 

i)When wallet mode is ON – it means all receiving crypto will be stored on the site still sell button is clicked

Note: use this mode when you want to accumulate and sell at once to save fee

ii) when wallet mode is OFF – it means all receiving crypto will be sold at the current price and payment made into default bank account after 1 blockchain confirmation

Step 4: Copy your crypto receiving address and start selling your cryptos to Jackocoins

For support contact

Email : [email protected]

Whatsapp : +2348130015202

Facebook : jackocoins

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