Snovio is a platform for lead generation and sourcing. Seems like there are no words that could whet the interest of the crypto community. And what if we tell you that the platform is powered by blockchain technology, uses smart contracts and works as a decentralized network through crowdsourcing data collection method? Moreover, Snovio has announced the launch of its token sale that is impossible without adding an ingredient called tokens. That sounds more interesting, right? Keep reading to discover more details.

Snovio token sale

Snovio token sale starts on October, 31 and will last for 30 days or till the tokens are sold out. Base price for 1 SNOV token is $0.01. The minimum purchase allowable at this stage is $1 USD. The success threshold is set as $5 million USD, while the hard cap – $15 million USD.

Prior to the crowdsale, there will be the pre-sale stage through the Whitelist program. To be on the Whitelist a participant should fill in a simple form, and wait till the confirmation.

What is a SNOV token

SNOV is a token that will be emitted by Snovio for the upcoming token sale. A total of 2,5 billion SNOV tokens based on Ethereum blockchain will be generated and capped. This means there will be no further production of tokens so, over time, the tokens in circulation will reduce in number and increase in demand.

During the crowdsale, the amount of 1,5 billion ERC20-compatible tokens valued at $0.01 USD each will be issued to purchasers via smart contract.

The whole token distribution model looks as follows:


There are several ways to get SNOV tokens for those who believe in the startup or simply want to benefit while the wave is on.

You can buy them during the pre-sale (September, 4 till October, 30) or crowdsale (October, 31 till November, 30) for Bitcoin and Ethereum. No risk no fun, on one side. Saved money due to the token lowest price and offered bonuses for early purchasers, on the other.

After the token sale, SNOV tokens will be available for purchase on different exchanges. You just have to find the exchange where these tokens are offered and buy them at a current market price.

There is also an option for active individuals who would like to earn rewards for their support and contribution – the bounty program. For example, you can participate in Signature Campaign by holding the signature or avatar and making project-related posts on this forum; being a writer, editor, or journalist you can receive tokens for publishing original, quality content about the project. Translators can receive stakes for translating White Paper, landing page, threads on, and even Facebook and Twitter users can get these tasty morsels for likes, shares, and retweets.

How to spend SNOV tokens

SNOV tokens are primarily intended to be used as a fuel for Snovio ecosystem but token holders can decide how to spend their tokens based on their needs.

The segment of professional HRs, sales officers, or marketers is directly interested in fresh blood, up-to-date contact data and targeted leads. A recruiter or sales representative can extract contacts directly from LinkedIn along with name, company name, and size, position, location etc., and build a database of personalized leads using LinkedIn search. This segment can also automate their routing tasks using Domain Search and Bulk Domain Search to collect leads from websites of interest and then create a list of highly targeted leads. Professionals can search through a directory of more than 400,000 unique contacts (and this number is supposed to grow after the token sale) and purchase leads using a variety of criteria depending on their needs (industry, location, qualification and other specifics).

All these services, and other data enrichment techniques the team is working on, will be available for SNOV tokens. So, it is much preferable for these information seekers to buy tokens at a lower, starting price and exchange them for required services in the future.

Token holders, who are not interested in provided services, can benefit from selling or trading tokens to another cryptocurrency or fiat money at a higher price on cryptocurrency exchanges.

The well-known example of an unimaginable benefit is the Ethereum ICO. Investors bought Ether at a base price of something like $0.35 USD in 2014. Now, 1 Ether stands for almost $350 USD making those early token buyers possible high net worth individuals.

Another example: Basic Attention Token (BAT) gathered $36 million USD during the ICO that ended in less than 30 seconds. It got into the top 25 in market cap on the first day and is still there demonstrating the stable growth and bringing joy to token holders.Conclusion


All in all, no matter how you decide to spend your SNOV tokens, the minimum purchase size of $1 is not a huge risk, but the opportunities you can receive are golden. Take in mind the Ethereum example, be aware of new projects and make smart decisions.


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