iDice Announces Mobile Gambling App ICO

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iDice, an Ethereum Dice app has announced their central crowdsale during UTC 0:00 on Jun 16th, 2017 and finale during UTC 0:00 on Jun 30th, 2017. Since a central launch of iDice’s Beta platform 2 months ago, iDice has been billed as an overnight success. With no selling bid and a whole growth group focused on contrast their mobile app, iDice has generated scarcely $200,000 USD value of ETH in user increase in a initial 2 months of beta.

What is iDice?

iDice is a entirely decentralized online Dice gambling height that is built on Ethereum Network and powered by blockchain technology. iDice is aiming to turn a best open source height for decentralized gambling that offers a well-spoken and arguable user knowledge but sacrificing a user’s reserve and security. This is an area where normal gambling platforms casinos has failed.

Unlike other normal gambling platforms where gamble formula can simply be manipulated by a owners by their server, iDice will yield a pure and rarely cumulative gambling knowledge for everybody who plays on their platform. All bets placed during iDice are simply accurate around a intelligent agreement that is publicly available.

iDice creates this

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