iDice: The latest gambling craze

June 12, 2017 BST |

iDice is the first mobile blockchain based gambling app. The company has got the reputation worldwide as one of the most played blockchain casinos in the world, and is growing faster as a blockchain game. The company has already paid out Ethereum of worth more than $250,000 with zero spending on marketing; however, in view of the funds required to cover its growing user demand, iDice has announced its much awaited crowdsale on June 16th 2017. The crowdsale is to continue for 14 days, ending by June 30th. The funds raised from this crowdsale will also be used for mobile development of app, as a next step.

IDice to Go One Step ahead- Launching the world’s first mobile blockchain gambling app

For beginners, iDice beta release, launched two months ago, has been successful to raise around $200,000 in player profit, without any marketing or promotion. Jordon Wong, who is the founder and CEO of the company, has planned to integrate iDice platform with IOS and Android devices. According to him, though the platform has won a great attention as well as positive feedback in the market, but there is still a huge room for improvements and due to this, a lot of pressure is on the team. Now iDice is thinking about the big picture and planning to go one step ahead in the market by launching the first mobile blockchain gambling app in the world.

Unlocking the Potential of Untapped Mobile Market

The team at iDice has smartly discovered that gambling Dapp market is not exploiting a huge and still untapped mobile phone users market. We don’t have any great cross-platform app at the moment. Therefore, iDice considers it a great opportunity to pioneer and showcase its superior platform.

The Platform Adhering to Safety

It is not surprising to know that iDice is the most secured blockchain based gambling platform. It doesn’t ask users to sign up for an account or deposit any funds, making itself absolutely hacker-proof. The users just transfer their funds from the personal wallets directly to iDice smart contracts and then it’s all coded. Above all, iDice source code is auditable by third parties. Users can even see this online.

The Future…

It is predicted that Ethereum is going to dominate bitcoin in next three years, leading to faster growth of Ethereum smart contract technology at the moment, which is making iDice sort of platforms profitable. More than 50 percent of cryptocurrency transactions in the world are based on gambling. Every day, bitcoins of around $1.8 billion worth are being exchanged, implying that at least $900 million worth of bitcoins are gambled every day. Since there are just 3 key gambling sites and the fact that majority of transactions are being done through these only, iDice holds very high expectations both from the iDice team as well as potential investors.

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