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These days it points out that institutional investors slowly are gaining interest in the cryptocurrency domain. Practically, a real-world working model will attract institutional investors automatically from all over the globe. They will look for an opportunity to invest in the cryptocurrency industry if not necessarily in coins such as Bitcoin, Ripple’s XRP or Ethereum, and it seems like that moment is already at hand.

State of the Market

The past 24 hours have been stable for the crypto market as the entire market has seen steadiness in their trade. For that reason, the general market value has been lifted to US$210.6 billion.

The state of the market has seen the price of Bitcoin go up by 0.7% to the US $6,537 lifting its market cap to US$113.2 billion. Bitcoin cash has stayed stable too at US$466 representing a slight drop of 0.56% and the market cap being $7.7 billion.

Also, Ethereum price dropped 0.59% to $205.87 giving it a market cap of $21.1 billion, and as for Ripple (XRP), a similar trend was experienced whereby it dropped by 0.15% to stand just above 46 U.S cents making its market cap to stand at $18.5 billion.

The stability in the cryptocurrencies is a positive gain as that increases hopes and chances for the institutional investments.

But what is the reason behind the cryptocurrency markets current stability?

Coincidences do occur, but we can’t say it is a coincidence that Bitcoin, as well as the other coins, saw a strong start this week after the leading financial services corporation Fidelity Investment announced Fidelity Digital Asset Services LLC.

The business is meant to handle cryptocurrency custody as well as trade execution for the institutional investors. Handling of cryptocurrency custody is apparently what institutional investors would want to hear as their big concern is wallet hacking. Therefore, it is undoubtedly a major positive stride that the investors will take.

The rise in some cryptos and stability in most have to be related, therefore, to this announcement as Fidelity’s custody service will provide safety to the cryptocurrency enthusiasts who have been waiting on the corner this far.

According to CNBC, the said service includes vaulted cold storage that will involve taking cryptocurrency offline and multilevel physical as well as cyber controls and other security protocols.

In the end, price manipulations can still be a concern for many prospective institutional crypto investors, and if not tackled the hopes of institutional investments pouring in may not remain for long, and the market could soon give the gains back to its US$200 billion level support again. But for now, everything looks positive for the cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, Ripple (XRP), and of course Bitcoin steadily raising their hopes for institutional investments.

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