Three years on cryptocurrency market have been great. Today, more than 440 000 users trust EXMO cryptocurrency exchange. On its own, EXMO takes note of the active users’ feedback and has strived to deliver the highest possible comfort and security when you buy, sell and exchange cryptocurrency.

What’s new on EXMO?

new level of ease and simplicity of the interface;
Improved trading page;
new feature for massive order cancel by type and cancel by the currency pair;
new settings for currency pairs;
altered structure of personal cabinet;
simplified account balance check;
new additional page to exchange cryptocurrency;
simplified verification interface.

Let’s take a closer look at the changes in the new design of EXMO cryptocurrency platform.

1. New main page design

Thanks to the newly designed interface, all important information is displayed right on the main page, including indicators and quantitative metrics. “Buy & Sell”, “Exchange” and “Wallet” pages are also available from the main page for quicker navigation and comfort.

2. Trading and order cancellation

Unlike past version, the flexible website infrastructure allows to integrate an unlimited number of currency pairs into the platform.

Another great addition are extra features to work with orders. In the new version, users are now able to issue:
massive cancellation of orders by type (for example: purchase or sale order cancellation);
cancellation of order by trading pair.

You can now cancel any order on the “Trade History” page (dropdown menu in the personal cabinet) or “Trade” page.

3. Adjustment of currency pairs

In future, the number of trading pairs available on the platform will grow. For the ease of usage, project engineers have developed a simple and streamlined adjustment of currency pairs. Each user can now individually adjust the displayed currency pairs on the “Trade” page.

4. User cabinet and account balance check

The structure of the user’s personal cabinet has changed completely. Now it represents a drop down menu in the right upper corner of the screen.

You can now quickly check your account balance via the “Balance” drop down menu, right next to your personal cabinet. The account balance is always in sight with adjustable displayed currency.

5. Wallet and exchange of cryptocurrencies

In new version of the platform, “Wallet” is set as a separate menu section on top of the page along with all the essential control elements. The new intuitive interface of the page allows depositing and withdrawing your funds with ease.

EXMO cryptocurrency exchange has finished the global redesign. Ever since the end of May the site has become even more comfy.

6. Support and verification of the account

At the support department is available 24/7. Thanks to the new navigation panel, getting help from the support team has gotten even more streamlined. It should also be noted that the new site version now offers a simplified verification interface. All for maximum comfort and ease when verifying new users.

Final remarks

The new website design is only the beginning. In the nearest future, EXMO team is going to present the community with a whole range of fundamental improvements. Next in line for 2017 are:

new cryptocurrencies, fiat currencies and requested currency pairs;
site localization in additional languages;
categorized blog news section for beginners;
improved EXMO WIKI section with cryptocurrency glossary;
marginal trading, composite order and terminal are going to be some of the most crucial novelties in 2017;
additionally increasing the number of payment methods by the end of 2017.

Follow the latest news at EXMO cryptocurrency platform via the News section and official Facebook, Twitter pages as well as the Telegram channel.

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