IOTA Appoints Daniela Faustino as Director of Human Resources
Last updated Oct 8, 2018

The IOTA Foundation is continuing with its mission of quality talent hiring. It recently appointed a new Director of Human Resources — Daniela Faustino. She will handle all 360 HR matters in the IOTA Foundation. Her experience of 20+ years in human resource management across several Asian companies from hiring to exits should help.

Who Is Daniela Faustino?

The global business executive has 25 years of work experience in developing human talent for the organizations she has worked with. She has built teams and organized resources in senior leadership roles to create a strategic vision for her employers, as well as help drive growth and implement cost-optimized programs across many regions.

Her work history began with ABB and greenfield operations in Southeast Asia and the Great China region. She worked in Hong Kong for 16 years at the first Asian office of the Elka Pieterman Group, a Dutch supplier in the household appliance industry. After spending 13 years with the company, she worked with Neumann Partners and then with Kelly Services.

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