Through May, we have seen a little bit of a battle between TRON and IOTA in terms of market capitalisation and rankings. TRON aims to be a top three cryptocurrency, and indeed, this could one day be the case.

Focusing on the minute, we have seen TRON enter the top ten very recently and maintain a presence here. During this time, TRON and IOTA have both switched between ninth and tenth place, until very recently, competition has been rife. Now though, as Qubic looms and as TRONs MainNet launch proves to be a little ropey (in terms of investment) IOTA has finally cemented its position in ninth place, leaving TRON behind, in the path of NEO that could, realistically at this point, take over from TRON and seep back into the top ten.

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Let’s check out the market cap figures.

At the time of writing, IOTA has a market cap of $5,167,035,615. TRON has a market cap of $3,916,371,743. NEO has a market cap of $3,609,430,500.

This means, IOTA is now $1,250,663,872 clear of TRON, yet, TRON is only $306,941,243 clear of NEO.

Regarding TRON, we should expect its market cap to rise once the MainNet launch settles down, therefore even if NEO does move past TRON, the move may only be temporary.

So, back to IOTA.

This is an indication of IOTA’s stunning progression of late. Over the past month or so we have seen lots of great news about the IOTA Ecosystem, and, as mentioned, Qubic, which we should find out more information on, in just two days. If you’re a big fan of speculation, check out our recent coverage of a very big Qubic rumour, that looks to have cracked the case, before the official announcement which is set for the 3rd of June.

How is IOTA performing at the moment?

At the time of writing, IOTA is valued at $1.86, up 9.16%. With the markets twisting and turning in all directions, over the past three days, IOTA has maintained a steady upwards progression. As the Qubic announcement nears, we can easily expect to see IOTA reach $2.00. Depending on the nature of the announcement of course, we may even see this value continue to charge up to $2.50, potentially even $3.00.

For now, we must wait and see what Qubic brings. IOTA have a great wealth of potential and thus, this is something we are getting very excited about. Let’s wait and see what happens here.

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