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It seems that IOTA has been pretty busy for the past couple of days. We witnessed IOTA making new partnerships and getting new listings. May seems to be pretty favorable towards MIOTA. Let’s see which listings IOTA managed to acquire, as well as what could IOTA’s most recent partnership with Mobi bring to this currency.

IOTA Gets Back to the Top

Even though the most recent market crash that went on for almost the entire February and March, turned the market upside down for many of the currencies, April came off as truly a refreshment, which means that IOTA, as well as its peers, could easily acquire a smooth rebound during the last month as the market trend was pretty benevolent towards cryptocurrencies.

That is how even though IOTA lost its spot among the top ten cryptos; it was able to get back on the track during the course of the last month.

In the course of the last two months, IOTA didn’t do badly as it managed to collect around 65% of total rises. However, it later thrived in April while managing to collect 120% of rises in the course of the last 30 days, which was the point where MIOTA could easily get back to the top 10.

To back up its safe return to the list of top cryptos, IOTA went on with collecting gains of 5.4% in the course of last two weeks, while it went up for 16% in the last seven days, overrunning the gains collected through the previous two weeks.

The rise of 16% over the course of the last 7 days came up probably as a result of having IOTA partnering up with Mobi, besides from getting listed on two more exchanges.

So, even though the majority of coins in the market were trading in the red for the past couple of days, IOTA made it with collecting 16% of rises during the last seven days, that way becoming one of the top gainers of the week.

IOTA Gets Listed on Cobinhood

The devoted MIOTA community was happy to have heard already on April 30th that IOTA is going to get added to the already existing list on one of the biggest market exchanges, Cobinhood.

IOTA started to trade officially on this market exchange on May 4th, which probably contributed, in a way, to having MIOTA trading in the green on occasions despite the active market trend of plummeting coins.

IOTA then officially announced on Medium that MIOTA will be available for live trading in trading pairs with Tether, Bitcoin, and Ethereum, where Cobinhood users would be able to trade with IOTA on this exchange platform starting from the May 4th.

A new listing always sky-rockets the listed coin, and at the beginning of May, IOTA got two additional listings which made it one of the top gainers of the last week.

IOTA and Huobi Listing

After the announcement that MIOTA just got listed on Cobinhood, there came another announcement that came up at the perfect time. This time, it was speculated that IOTA is going to get listed on Huobi.

Given the fact that Huobi stands for one of the biggest exchange markets in Asia, this listing could greatly contribute to the further broadened exposure of MIOTA and its platform.

Huobi was established back in 2013, with the location in Singapore, and it has announced that it would be listing IOTA with its trading pairs pretty soon.

Although the listing, at the time, wasn’t confirmed with the exact date, it is considered that MIOTA started to trade on Huobi yesterday, on May 8th.

Huobi added to their introduction of IOTA to their market, that they have released on May 5th, that they are happy to announce that the currency (MIOTA) getting a listing on their exchange, has no miners to validate its transactions, but can have its transactions validated successfully with active protocols, they also have no fees to pay.  They have further added that IOTA could easily become a crucial part of their market when it comes to operating with micro and nano-payments.

Needless to say, MIOTA rocked the last week with getting listed on Cobinhood and Huobi.

IOTA and Mobi

One of the latest partnerships that IOTA has acquired during the last week, which also helped IOTA start off with May on the right foot, is their partnering up with Mobi.

Mobi stands for Mobility Open Blockchain Initiative and their partnership with IOTA could provide the further development of blockchain technologies that would back up the story of having IOTA partnering up with Bosch, BMW, Ford, ZF, Renault Group and General Motors.

With Mobi, IOTA can now test the technological capabilities of supporting the development of driving safely and economically, which was the main idea behind the partnership listed above.

One of IOTA’s greatest projects is having electric and automotive vehicles being driven in a safer and more cost-effective way while designing applications for vehicles that could support this idea.

Mobi is working with over 70% of the automotive industry, so if anything can make the team IOTA’s dreams possible, it is their collaboration with Mobi.

Together, the two teams with partners will be working on having distributed ledger technology manipulated into creating car-share transactions, safe drive apps while being able to deploy all useful information to the dashboard of the connected vehicle, where all info is transparent for users and secured from fraudulent actions.

That is how Mobi is going to take IOTA to the broadened list of real-life uses where Tangle is applicable.

How is IOTA doing at the Current Moment?

Although MIOTA managed to go past the current market trend and get out of the red zone at least for a while, that way managing to collect 16% of rises in the course of seven days, we can now see MIOTA going under the influence of the latest trend in the market. That means that IOTA is now being traded in the red against the dollar.

Following the latest change in the market that took place in the last 24 hours, MIOTA went down against the dollar for -2.93%.

However, we can see it going up in oppose to BTC by 0.37%, which means that MIOTA is currently doing better than Bitcoin.

After the latest change in the market, IOTA can be traded at the price of 2.27$ per one unit, jumping up to 120% in the last 30 days.

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