Sometime back, IOTA hit the headlines for its collaboration with the city of Taipei to develop a smart city. This was received with lots of optimism for its potential to change cities and enable them to handle 21st urban needs.  IOTA has not stopped there and has gone ahead with other collaborations that are changing the world. The latest of these collaborations is with the city of Trondheim. This city is working on going smart with the goal of dealing with the problem of climate change, by eliminating greenhouse gas emissions.  This development will be powered by the IOTA tangle. IOTA foundation’s Business development director had this to say about the project.

“The group looked at how to leverage the IOTA Tangle to develop concepts that will enable a common energy market in Trondheim supported by a connected community. These solutions can be used not only within Trondheim but can be implemented across other regions – and we are excited to bring these ideas to life at Brattørkaia in the coming months.”

This means that the concepts that will be applied in Trondheim could also be applied in other cities as well. This could see IOTA take the lead in transforming cities all across the world, to meet 21st century needs. This is a big deal because the opportunity for such development is huge.

For starters, climate change is a major problem, and world leaders are beginning to acknowledge it. This means that solutions that can help deal with this problem will quickly gain momentum all over the world. In essence, we could see a world powered by the IOTA tangle in the near future. This possibility is backed by the fact that the IOTA tangle is being tested in the development of smart cars, which is another huge market in the move towards a green economy. A combination of these two factors places IOTA in a good position for adoption going into the future.

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