With crypto prices hitting new lows by the day, it is easy for an investor to lose hope and quit. However, such a decision would be short-sighted and not cognizant of the capabilities of decentralized technologies to transform society.

Anyone keen enough on technology knows that the world is trending more towards automation. Robotics are becoming a reality in all spheres of human life, from home appliances to manufacturing. Even driverless cars are increasingly becoming a reality. In fact, according to the CEO of the Nissan Renault alliance, driverless cars will be the norm in about 6 years. So how does all this fit in with blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies? Well, blockchain technology is one of the key technologies that offers the best promise in IoT.  That’s because its decentralized nature makes it difficult for hackers to attack such systems, since that is the biggest threat to autonomous systems.

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The Volkswagen group, one of the world’s largest auto makers in the world already seems to have arrived at the conclusion that decentralized technologies are the way to go. In a recent tweet, the Volkswagen group said something to the effect that they will integrating decentralized technologies in their systems. The tweet read as follows.

In the view of Volkswagen, blockchain technology will have a huge use-case in self-driving technology, logistics, and other solutions such as tamper-proof odometers. That’s why they are exploring a number of cryptocurrencies such as IOTA (MIOTA), Bitcoin and Ethereum.

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