The IOTA Foundation worked extensively on Abra support libraries in October. In its latest update on Qubic, the Foundation announced that it had made a few important changes to the AbraLib support library to make the Abra language easier to use for the community members. The library was also cleaned up during the month, and some best practices/patterns were also established.

Several Important Changes Made to Qubic

The Foundation expanded the interpreter further. It can now handle state variables correctly. A Qubic Dispatcher was also designed to help dispatch event data between internal Qubic entities and outside data sources more smoothly. With the Dispatcher in place, the team is now getting ready to create a plug-in system that allows the connection to any type of data source.

The interpreter has another expansion in place, which will act as the debut version of the Verilog source code generator, to be used for FPGAs. Though the code generator isn’t as robust as it should be, the Foundation now has a starting point. It is expecting to make quick progress in the area after it tests against actual FPGAs.

Abralib Goes Through Changes As Well

Explaining its work with the AbraLib, the IOTA Foundation stated:

“First we added the missing integer division function. Then a set of preliminary fixed point and floating point arithmetic functions.”

The floating point function is very important for Abra as it showcases the versatility of the language.

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