During this week, the IOTA ecosystem has been expanding and exploring new uses of the Tangle. Just the last week, IOTA partnered with Den Norse Bank to explore applications of its technology. Later during the week, Bitpanda added support to IOTA, and Volkswagen will be demonstrating a Tanlge-Driven Proof of Concept at Cebit 2018.

IOTA Partners with Den Norse Bank

Den Norse Bank (DNB ASA) is one of the most important banks in Northern Europe. Alongside with the IOTA Foundation, they will start exploring future applications of the IOTA Tangle distributed ledger technology.

The press release uploaded on May the 31st reads as follows:

“Norway has always been a vanguard in adopting cutting edge technological paradigm shifts that improve the efficiency of our society, I am very excited at the IOTA Foundation which is spearheading Distributed Ledger Technology and IoT payments working with Norway’s largest financial institution in carrying this traditional onwards.”

In the past, the Swedish Central Bank, Riksbank, worked with IOTA so as to power a central bank digital currency (CBDC) known as e-Krona.

Bitpanda Crypto Exchange Ads IOTA Support

One of the most important virtual currency exchanges and trading platforms in Europe, Bitpanda, has added IOTA to the list of cryptocurrencies accepted. The information has ben released on June the 7th, and trading activities will begin on June the 14th.

Bitpanda wrote on Twitter about IOTA’s listing:

“Due to popular demand, we will be adding the @iotatoken to the Bitpanda platform on the 14th of June! #Bitpanda #IOTA $IOTA”

Volkswagen Announces Partnership with IOTA

Volkswagen, one of the most important car manufacturers all over the world has announced a collaborative effort with IOTA, so as to demonstrate the future of distributed ledger technology in the automotive industry.

The information has been released by the Chief Digital officer at Volkswagen, Johann Junwirth, via Twitter.

“Volkswagen, together with @iotatoken wil show at #cebit18 a proof of concept how the trusted transfer of software over-the-air to vehicles can be securely documented using the #tangle. Great example how distributed ledger technology can be used in the future.”

The demonstration between thee two companies will occur on Tuesday, June the 12th at the Cebit 2018 conference which will take place in Hanover. There will be a panel discussion about blockchain technology in the Future Mobility.

IOTA and Volkswagen want to establish a process that facilitates over-the-air updating of vehicle software via an immutable storage medium.

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