The IOTA ecosystem is getting ready to be enriched as the Foundation launched the public beta versions of its Go and Java client libraries. The first version of the IOTA JS beta was launched in August, which has since come out in four new versions thanks to a Typescript rewrite. The client libraries are essential for the community as it is used in building applications. The IOTA Foundation has added Go and Java to the client libraries they are actively developing at the moment.

IOTA Go Coding

One of the most popular open source codes around, the Golang is backed by Google, and it’s easy to write and maintain. It offers better concurrency and efficiency as well. Luca Moser is leading the development of IOTA Go library and according to the Foundation, he “has made great progress at putting the library back in shape.”

IOTA will now release the Go 1.0.0-beta version with some improvements under the hood. It would now support all functions on the IOTA JS, handle errors better and support missing functionality from IOTA JS too. Additionally, it will come with a composable API and functionality will be available in different packages.

IOTA Java Gets the Attention

IOTA noted that its Java library did not get “as much attention as it deserved in the first half of the year.” However, now Brord van Wierst has been working on the libraries to correct the mistake. A frequent contributor to IRI, van Wierst’s main focus will be Java which is releasing in 1.0.0-beta. All API functions of the libraries, including promoteTransactions and checkConsistency are available. Moreover, a reference param can be added to getTransactionToApprove and tips can be referenced in getBalance.

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