We’ve all been there. You’ve got a massive cryptocurrency mining operation, that you need to hide from a powerful foreign aggressor. So what do you do? Well, if you’re Iran, why not build it into a skyscraper-sized water park, of course.

At least, that was the solution that a team of Iranian architects put forward, for this years ‘evolo’ skyscraper competition.

It’s Maybe Not Quite As Crazy As It Sounds

Okay, so maybe it is… But the theory behind the design is that a large-scale cryptocurrency mining operation requires three things: lots of electricity, some method of cooling, and (if it’s in Iran) a cover story.

So, your generators power the pump, which takes water to the top of the skyscraper. You’re a water-park after all, nothing suspicious about powering a water pump. As the water flows down through the slides and flumes, it acts to cool the mining rigs. Which additionally makes the plunge pools at the bottom of the slides nice and warm.

Whilst it’s doing that, it also generates hydro-electricity to power the rigs, allowing the mining side of business to be off-grid.

Nobody will suspect a thing.

And C’mon, You Have To Admit It’s Pretty Cool

Just look at it. It’s a 560-meter tall water park. Can you imagine the fun that could be had in there? The glass facades provide an iconic landmark, and unique viewing platforms from multi-level public spaces.

Oh yeah, and it’s fully tricked out to mine cryptocurrencies day-in day-out throughout the year.

The tower aims to be a symbol of resistance against the international politics that has placed sanctions and embargoes upon the country. By adopting a very radical approach, the project aims to convey the problems facing iran’s economy, not only to emphasize the current social climate but also to explore the subjects which architecture can tackle and provide fresh solutions for.

Though Sadly for Iran, It’s Just A Pipe Dream

And yes, the pun was very much intended.

Unfortunately, this idea is never going to become a reality… because Tehran already has two water-parks. Also, the ‘evolo’ skyscraper competition is purely about the concept, and this entry didn’t even get an honorable mention.

Plus, it probably isn’t the best idea to announce your crypto, sanction-busting intentions in a global architecture competition held by a US-based magazine… Just saying.

Still, it’s good to have people thinking ‘outside the box’, because Iran is facing a tough economic climate following the re-introduction of US sanctions.

The people of Iran are already flocking to bitcoin. Could it be the saviour of the economy too?

What do you think of this crypto mining skyscraper concept in Iran? Share your thoughts below!

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