Law enforcement authorities in Israel arrested a teenager who allegedly sold drugs in the school he studied. He allegedly sourced the drugs from the dark web.

According to police information, officials started an investigation after a case of drug poisoning in the school. The student, who was taken to the hospital, showed the symptoms of a narcotics overdose. When investigators questioned the boy, he admitted that he purchased the substance from a friend in school. He became ill after he used the drugs.

Shortly after, local law enforcement authorities detained the seller. During the police interrogation, the suspect confessed that he was selling narcotics to the students at the school. Additionally, according to the student, he was addicted to marijuana and was looking to make money to finance his addiction. The suspect admitted that he ordered the drugs from the dark net, and resold the substances at the school he studied. The teenager showed full cooperation with the police, he gave up all the customers he sold.

During the search of the suspect’s home, investigators found various kinds of drugs.

Due to the lack of information provided by the local media and police, we do not know what kind of drugs were sold. The city or town of the case, the date, the gender of the teenager, and the suspect’s exact age also remains unknown. The lack of information could be since police firstly want to investigate the case further, and will release more information on the suspect in the near future.

According to a 2016 RAND report, the students are using the dark net to purchase the drugs they use. Some of them just buy them for their own use, but there are other, like the Israeli teenager, who also sold the substances to customers. The pupils take advantage of the anonymity and the quality of the narcotics on the dark net marketplaces. Additionally, according to Adam Winstock, founder of the Global Drug Survey, since the quality of the drugs is much better compared to the ones that are sold by street dealers, purchasing drugs from dark net marketplaces is often safer.

“It’s possible that products purchased on DNMs are safer to use as result of the filtering out of poor quality vendors and products… Could dark-markets help create credible online communities sharing harm reduction advice at point of purchase?” Winstock asked the question theoretically.

In addition to that, dark net users can order narcotics internationally. By doing so, they can get much better prices for substances than domestically. Some students take advantage of this and use the dark web to get the narcotics for cheaper, sell them locally, and make profits from the sales. British news outlet,, reported that, according to one of the students they interviewed, one can buy ecstasy for £2 ($2.44) a pill (if they purchase it in bulk quantities) and could sell it for at least £10 ($12.2) in the United Kingdom.

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