Starting a cannabis business can be very difficult, especially if you have minimal experience. Even experienced hands need some help in the ever-evolving cannabis industry. JuicyFields makes it easy for you to join the cannabis industry and make profits.

In this article, we explore how JuicyFields works and how you can join the platform. 

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What is JuicyFields ?

JuicyFields is a cannabis crowd growing platform based in Berlin, Germany. It is outstanding in the industry as the platform has licensed partners in several countries, and offers users a fully automated worldwide service. 

The Berlin-based startup intends to bring cannabis enthusiasts, businesses, and ambitious entrepreneurs under one umbrella. 

Regardless of the regulatory environment in your state, you can still use JuicyFields because of its innovative non-plant touching system.

Currently, JuicyFields has gained a lot of popularity in Europe with plans to expand into more continents.

Beyond a crowd growing platform, JuicyFields is a virtual farm collective that supports several cannabis startups globally by helping them raise funds.

Top Features of the JuicyFields platform include:

  • Cannabis Crowdgrowing movement
  • Non-plant-touching system
  • Legally wherever you are
  • From 50 euro
  • High profit
  • Blooming industry
  • Support 24/7
  • Stay-at-home business

How Do I Make Money on JuicyFields ?

Now that you know what the platform is about, you might be wondering how it helps you make profits as a potential investor. 

The cannabis industry is thriving more than ever. According to one projection, by the year 2024, the global cannabis market value will be $103.9 billion up from the 7.7 billion dollars in 2017. 

In the USA alone, analysts are predicting a compound annual growth rate of 14% over the next six years, which will make the market worth about $30 billion by 2025.

The booming global medicinal cannabis market drives this exponential growth. These projections mean that investments into cannabis will yield positive results if done right.

Getting started on JuicyFields does not require a high entry-level. You can start a profitable cannabis business for only €50, and in 3 months. After, you will receive your first profit from selling harvest, right into your wallet.

The cannabis crowd growing gamechanger is easy to sign up for. New users who visit, simply have to enter their email address to get started.

Investments on Juicy Fields come in different tiers depending on how much money you want to invest and the returns you want. Here is a complete structure of various investment types on JuicyFields :

Juicy Flash strain

Pay €50 for one plant. This option is for those who are in doubt or want to get a quick result we suggest starting with this variety. 

The JuicyFlash option has a 90-day growing period with the profitability of €72 to €81 per each harvest. Other 3 varieties have a fixed price (for one plant clone) at €2,000 regardless of its strain:

Juicy Mist

Make four harvests per year and up to 1,600€ every 12 months. You can expect to generate about 4500 to 4800€ of total profit in 3 years by purchasing a JuicyMist clone. 

These are approx figures since harvests may vary from batch to batch. If you are looking to cash out on your profits every three months, this is a plan for you. 

JuicyMist is the strain with the fastest flowering period that we have. Harvests are a bit less compared to JuicyKush or JuicyHaze but are more frequent.


Make three harvests per year and up to 2,250€ every 12 months. You can expect to generate about 8,000-9,000€ of total profit in 4 years by purchasing a JuicyKush clone. For maximum yields, we have an exceptional strain with amazing yields. 


Make two harvests per year and up to 2,400 every 12 months. But, the contract is five years, which makes it about 10,000-12,000€ in total profit. With projections indicating immense growth in the cannabis industry, it might be the best time for you to consider an investment in the space.

JuicyFields provides a crowd growing platform that works for everyone in the world and has a low entry point.

Vist it to get started today. Also, check out JuicyFields on Telegram

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