Google Search Trends have always been a pretty interesting topic. Although they aren’t an official measurement of popularity, the results often surprise people. This latest image posted on Reddit is no different in this regard. However, Bitcoin is a more popular search term compared to Justin Bieber. The trend for both is pretty outspoken, actually.

One would expect music artists to be more popular than Bitcoin. Then again, most people who like Justin Bieber probably know nothing about cryptocurrency these days. That situation is all coming to change even though the two concepts have nothing to do with one another. The Google Search Trends show how interest in Bitcoin has increased quite a bit. Justin Bieber, on the other hand, is far less of  a search trend these days.

Bitcoin Trumps Justin Bieber on Google

While that may not surprise everyone, it is an interesting development. Although this doesn’t mean Bitcoin will shoot up to $5,000 all of a sudden, it validates cryptocurrency. It is still more likely people will buy Bieber CDs compared to BTC, though. It is pretty interesting to see how both trends overlap on multiple occasions. Perhaps they may be some overlap in the real world at one point as well.

It is not the first time we see Google Search Trend statistics related to Bitcoin. After all, no one will deny the world’s leading cryptocurrency is gaining more popularity. That isn’t surprising considering how its value keeps increasing. Even during this current bearish period, there is a growing interest in BTC as we speak. It is due time this momentum translates to a new all-time high price, though.

The Bitcoin community doesn’t pay much attention to these trends for the time being. More specifically, the comparison between Justin Bieber and Bitcoin is about as pointless as it gets. It is a sliver of positive news during these semi-boring days of Bitcoin trading, though. One has to take all of the facts into account when discussing cryptocurrency. Stating how it is more popular than Bieber will make for some interesting conversations regardless.

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