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Many of you have heard about distributed computing and what it can do to make

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Many of you have heard about distributed computing and what it can do to make many processes more efficient. Now, thanks to the KingsDS ICO, you can also buy into distributed computing and participate directly.

[Note: This is a press release.]

KingsDS ICO will allow you to buy SPARC, the cryptocurrency that operates on the KingsDS platform, and it will also allow you to lend your unused computer power to researchers around the world. These researchers will pay you with SPARC. This is a great opportunity to participate in a distributed computing project.

Wait, what is Distributed Computing Again?

Maybe some of you are still wondering what distributed computing is and how KingsDS will be able to implement the concept described above. To answer both questions, we will use an example that anyone can understand. Imagine yourself in a pub. You are sitting with your friends when someone at the bar taps your shoulder and asks you to lend them your phone. Apparently, they ran out of battery and need to use your phone for a few minutes. In return, they offer to buy you a drink. Why shouldn’t you take the chance?

The KingsDS allows you to lend your phone or any other computer to a researcher or research institution that need the computing power, while you are not using it. Just like in the example above, they will pay you for it, but not with a drink. Instead, they will transfer SPARC, the cryptocurrency on the KingsDS platform. Since this is all done over your connection to the KingsDS platform, it is called distributed computing. The platform forms a network of computing power that can be used on demand.

KingsDS ICO Good for Researchers, Great for Computing Power Renters

This system also allows you to participate in the advancement of knowledge, since the researchers who are going to rent your unused computing power, will do so to conduct complex calculations which are part of their research projects. This will allow you to contribute to research even when you are having a drink at the beer with your friends. You will just lend those researchers your phone while you are not using it, and the next drink will be on them because they will pay to use your phone.

KingsDS ICO Opportunity

So, go ahead and check this innovative project out. If you like it, you might be able to buy into it at the pre-ICO stage right now. This will allow you to earn more SPARC than at the ICO stage. KingsDS decided to put 1,000 ETH worth of SPARC on sale at the pre-ICO stage, and they have already sold over 270 ETH. So, if you like the project, you can consider buying some SPARC, and when the platform is up and running, you can offer your spare computing power and make more money. You will like it, the researchers will love it and humankind will thank you when you use the KingsDS platform!

Images courtesy of KingsDS

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