Bitcoin is easily considered one of the best investment vehicles these days, and a lot of business owners and freelancers purchase it with whatever spare funds they have lying around. So, wouldn’t it be nice combining the two?

CoinNexus, a service provided through, did exactly that. Business owners & freelancers simply need to register and pass the KYC procedure on the platform, and then they can begin accepting Bitcoin while invoicing their clients in USD, EURO or CHF.

The advantage for the end user is that they pay less fees and save time than if they go through the traditional route through a crypto exchange. charges a tiny fee of only 1.97% on the spot price at the time of the conversion.

For those using EUROs & Swiss Francs, the platform offers bill payment services, this means that next time you’ll be travelling to Amsterdam, Geneva, Paris or Milan, you can have all your accommodations, transportation and attractions paid for in Bitcoin, but make sure you plan ahead, as there’s a 24-48 hours turnaround time. If you live in the Eurozone, use Lamium to pay for your everyday necessities such as your rent/mortgage, car & telephone payments, utilities, and anything else worth over 100 euros. has positioned itself as a decentralized invoice payment tool for Bitcoiners, meaning that even YOU can join the movement and help others pay their bills in USD, YEN, YUAN or any other currency and in exchange receive Bitcoin. What’s the advantage for you? You save on transaction fees compared to if you’d have bought directly at crypto exchanges.

Try out with the promo code “TheBitcoinNews” and receive a 50% discount off the already low fee for your first 2 months of use.


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