At delion: api, it’s all about using IOTA’s Tangle technology. With its first product, the company enables the sending and receiving of IOTA (MIOTA) using the email address.

The background

Malik Dakdaki, a German-based software developer and co-founder of delion: api, writes in his blog post that in the middle of 2017, the bad start of the first official IOTA wallet gave him the idea of ​​developing an opportunity to develop IOTA To send tokens easily and securely.

While the recently released Trinity Wallet has solved these problems, Dakdaki says, but it would not be user-friendly enough for mass adoption.

It was a simple option, and so the two founders came up with the idea of ​​developing a solution based on the PayPal method. With the release of delion: api beta, delion users can now email IOTA to other delion users. Subsequently, both the recipient and the sender receive an e-mail with the amount transferred after the transaction has been confirmed on the Tangle main network.

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