Even the Litecoin trend for a couple of days is looking quite not stable and secure, on Monday it found support on the psychologically important $45 mark.

If the flow of the pair LTC/USD stays in positive supporting itself on that particular indicator, it could rise up to $47.50 level. The bullish pressure is there but the buyers could be waiting for a significant pullback and dip to buy in and give the community confidence for a near future price surge finally breaking $47.50 mark which as analyst might hoist the trading value up to a psychologically important $50 indicator and above.

But on the contrary the market for the moment as a whole is finding attractiveness to the bullish pressure momentum and it might continue that flow.

litecoin price trend

Best Buying Into Litecoin Moment – Trader Prediction

The Barrier and the supporting level that should be reached of the $50 mark is more of a psychological mark than a market structural one. In that case with the recent pullback it should be done in a few steps and we will find ourselves in the position we want to be. It is recommended to buy in in small dips with small portions. For the moment the buyers in control of the market so they are waiting for the next catalyst which will come eventually and things will turn into a regular surging trend.

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