Lockchain Ltd, the company behind the LOC token and the first online booking engine for hotels and properties powered by blockchain technology, is rapidly expanding the features of their current marketplace.

The marketplace, still in alpha version, enables travelers and blockchain enthusiasts to book properties and hotels all around the world. The properties are offered similarly to home-sharing and property sharing websites. Lockchain’s unique selling point: An average of 19% cheaper than their competitors. For anyone who enjoys traveling, that is good news. In fact, when comparing two random listings in an earlier Medium post they found them to be 14% and 28% cheaper compared to Airbnb.

Not only does Lockchain offer properties, they’re also focusing on the hotel industry. A few weeks ago they announced to have secured 100,000 additional hotels for their booking platform portfolio. The long awaited integration of these hotels in the marketplace is closing down, with the CEO Nikola Alexandrov mentioning on their telegram channel that it’ll be implemented in the next major update to the platform, which is expected to be in early March.

That’s good news for LOC token investors who’ve been anticipating the integration since the official announcement. This brings the total number of properties on Lockchain currently available to over 100,000 hotels and 1,500 properties.

Lockchain’s Property of the Week: A massive villa in Croatia housing 8 to 10 people. Copyright Lockchain Ltd / Medium

Other significant changes to the marketplace will be the deployment of fully integrated private wallet management for LOC token holders. This enables holders to enjoy the full check-out experience, booking vacation rentals and hotels globally with LOC tokens. Further significant milestones coming up include the DAPP application integration that allows other forms of payment as well as smart contracts for vacation rentals.

Next in line is the launch of the iOS and Android mobile app with global booking support expected in April. After these essentials are launched, Lockchain will come in the next project phase with the launch of the Beta marketplace  With this, Lockchain officially places itself in the position of ‘consumer ready’  and aims to penetrate the $500 Billion market that is the online travel industry. Gaining even a small portion of this market will mean significant traffic for the Lockchain engine and the LOC token.

Lockchain team

Left to right: Lockchain’s COO and founder Hristo Tenchev, Chief advisor and former president of Bulgaria Rosen Plevneliev and Lockchain’s CEO and founder Nikola Alexandrov. Copyright Lockchain Ltd / Medium

For those seeking to invest in the LOC token, it can be an interesting moment to step in now, with many significant updates coming within a 2-month timespan. Furthermore, there’s a way to earn LOC tokens for free, by voting for Lockchain’s token on the Huobi market. Information about this can be found in this Medium post and on their Telegram channel. There have also been talks about having an airdrop in the near future, further incentivizing the blockchain markets and its investors to have a look at what Lockchain is doing.

With Lockchain being the first blockchain based consumer-focused project, they’re likely to become front-runners of blockchain’s evolvement from a niche project to becoming integrated with today’s economy. This makes Lockchain a unique and interesting project to follow up on. Have a look at their website, and put this on your list of 2018’s projects to follow!

Images courtesy of Lockchain

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