While browsing through the news I came across this achievement of MCAP token on C-CEX exchange. Reading further I found out that ever since its launch date, MCAP token has garnered some remarkable responses from investors which are quite evident from these stats. Let’s state a few of them:

  • MCAP Labs has sold over 4.8 million MCAP tokens till date.
  • They have raised over 19.2 mm $ and still counting.

MCAP Token recently traded over 500 BTC in a day on C-Cex trade exchange. As a result, it was trending in the hot BTC pairs list for over 24 hours.

Take a look at this screenshot which was taken a few minutes before it crossed 500 BTC marker of trading volume on the exchange.

It topped the hot BTC pair index. Take a look at this table.

MCAP token’s effective ROI

The main reason why people chose to trade in MCAP token is that its return-on-investment (ROI) is now higher than other prospective Altcoins.

MCAP Labs innovative services

Secondly, such incredible trade can be accredited to the fact that MCAP Labs seeks to offer innovative services to the market, be it their ICO evaluation services, ICO investment services, or mining research. Such unique initiatives tend to drive the trading demographics of their token, MCAP token.

MCAP Labs experienced team of analysts

Their dedicated and active team of analysts has been wisely moderating their funds. Their unique algorithm, which they created from scratch, determines the perfect timing and price at which a particular Altcoin needs to be traded, thus reaping huge monetary fruits for their investors.

MCAP Labs entrusting users 

MCAP labs’ intent to practice transparency regarding its initiatives and community presence has reassured our clients that the MCAP token is headed for success. MCAP labs has answered each and every query of our users with utter confidence and certainty. We are here to make sure that every penny you’ve invested in our token is worth investing.

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