MicroMoney, a fintech institution, has announced its ICO, starting from October 18, 2017.

As per World Bank’s study, around 2 billion of world’s population doesn’t have a bank account. They cannot acquire credit and lack access to financial services such as SME and personal loans, which has affected the economies like Thailand, Myanmar, and the Philippines.

MicroMoney offers a solution by helping people develop their credit history on the blockchain. The platform is leveraged upon new technologies and Big Data in order to examine an individual’s creditworthiness through a novel neural scoring credit.

Anton Dzyatkovsky, the founder, and CEO of MicroMoney states that the company aims to help people having no access to outdated, traditional centralized banking economy. The team wants to eliminate poverty with internet and mobile availability along with financial inclusion. In view of this objective, the company has set the hard CAP of $30 million to be raised in the ICO. The platform especially focuses the rising economies of Asia, South-America, and Africa.

About ICO

The MMT token is priced at $1 per token. Total 60,000,000 tokens will be offered for sale while unsold ones will be destroyed following the conclusion of the token sale.

It is to be noted that the pre-sale of MMT token already started on September 15, 2017, offering 43 percent bonus, while early investors got a bonus as high as 25 percent on day one.

The Concept Behind MicroMoney

The platform is functional in 5 countries already, helping people with limited resources. It holds a huge amount of feedback and data that shows that 73 percent of customers are returning customers of the platform while 9 out of 10 users got the first loan in their life, via MicroMoney.

Behind MicroMoney lies the sophisticated and latest technology called Neural Scoring. Collecting data from a person’s phone algorithm determines his or her creditworthiness in just 15 seconds. Transactions are secured through smart contracts.

Indeed, MicroMoney’s novel Big Data and Credit History Bureau developed on blockchain, has made thousands of businesses get access to millions of potential customers. MicroMoney aims to be an entirely new ecosystem to fuel the New World Global Crypto Economy.

To know more about the platform and participate in its upcoming ICO, please visit

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