MoneyTech Decentralizes Cloud Mining, Encourages Community Involvement

July 26, 2017 BST | Guest User

MoneyTech is an innovative take on cloud mining. The cryptocurrency mining platform is the brainchild of a group of crypto-experts from Ukraine. MoneyTech makes cryptocurrency mining accessible for everyone allowing interested investors to purchase the platform’s own MoneyTech (MT) tokens.

The MT tokens signify a stake in the company’s mining farms. MoneyTech is providing an opportunity for users to invest in the long-term, reliable and scalable mining operation by purchasing the MT tokens during the ongoing crowdsale. Created on Waves platform, the total number of MT tokens will be limited to 500,000.

The MoneyTech ICO, which went live on June 28, 2017, will go on for five weeks, before ending on August 2, 2017. Those taking part in the ICO can purchase the tokens against USD/BTC/ETH/Monero payments. They can also opt to pay with other altcoins that are presently supported by Changelly.

The platform also has a bonus option in place, allowing investors to purchase the tokens at a discounted rate. During the first week, the participants received 1 MT for every $0.85 invested. In the second week, the value of 1 MT was set at $0.88, $0.91 on the third week, followed by $0.94 and $0.97 per MT token during the fourth and fifth weeks respectively. Once the ICO ends, the tokens will be sold at an initial price of $1.00/ 1 MT.

MoneyTech lays out the development plan in its whitepaper. Soon after the ICO, the company will prepare to set up a mining center with 50-70 mining vehicles for mining Ethereum and ZCash tokens. Starting August 17, the installation and commissioning of the mining equipment will begin, flagging off the operations. By the first week of October, investors in MT tokens will start receiving payouts.

MoneyTech will be reinvesting at least 30% of the mining revenues to expand its capacity further. Based on the present estimates, the company will be able to start adding three to four mining vehicles each month, starting October 2017. By next year, MoneyTech intends to set up its own premises, receive the necessary licenses in Switzerland for cryptocurrency-related operations and purchase advanced mining equipment.

With the ICO set to end in less than a week, those interested in being part of the mining revolution can visit the website.


Company Name: MoneyTech Limited

Email: [email protected]

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