MoneyTech’s Future of Mining ICO Makes It worth Participating

July 24, 2017 BST | Guest User

Cryptocurrency mining is a costly affair and only the ones with enough money to spend on state-of-the-art mining rigs stand to profit from mining activities. The continually rising hashing power on different cryptocurrency networks only ends up increasing the difficulty levels, which also makes it necessary to upgrade the hardware constantly. In such a scenario, MoneyTech, a mining technology platform has come up with a much more investor-friendly solution for mining enthusiasts.

MoneyTech is a company based out of Ukraine that is in the process of democratizing the cryptocurrency mining sector. The company offers everyone easy access to state-of-the-art mining infrastructure. MoneyTech already has its mining farms set up for Ethereum and ZCash mining, and it is being carried out by the latest video cards manufactured by AMD and Nvidia.

The number of mining farms will soon increase until at least 70 of them are established by MoneyTech. In order to make its mission a success, the company — MoneyTech Limited has organized a crowdsale. The ICO allows investors to purchase MoneyTech tokens (MT tokens) at discounted prices. Through the ICO, the platform is in the process of increasing participation among investors, while raising the necessary funds to expand the operations further.

The MT token holders will start receiving dividends every month. The dividends will be drawn from the platform’s total mining income, 50% of which will go to MT token holders, proportionally to the number of tokens held by each one of them. Rest of the income will go towards infrastructure expansion, covering operational costs and a small portion as earnings to the team behind MoneyTech.

As the mining activity continues, funds dedicated to expansion will also grow, making it even more profitable. Those who have invested in the platform will also stand to receive much bigger dividends, making them richer every passing month. MT token holders can also have a say in the crucial decisions made by the company through open voting options.

Once the ICO is over, MoneyTech will also list the tokens on cryptocurrency trading platforms, making it easier for people to trade MT against other tokens. By factoring all these developments, it can be easily deduced that the ongoing MoneyTech ICO is worth participating.

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