Ever since Segregated Witness activated on the Bitcoin network, adoption has been moving ahead slowly. This is always the case when a major protocol change occurs. Now that every is slowly getting dialed in, we see far more SegWit transactions on the network. There is still a lot of work to do, though. Very few Bitcoin wallets actively support Segregated Witness, despite it activating nearly two months ago.

It is good to see more SegWit transactions on the Bitcoin network. This scaling solution brings a lot of opportunities to Bitcoin as a whole. While there will always be opponents, it is evident this solution has a lot of momentum. It paves the way for the Lightning Network, among other things. According to a new screenshot, 9% of network transactions sue Segregated Witness. That is not as much as people had hoped for, but things are improving regardless.

SegWit use Continues to Grow

The bigger question is when the main Bitcoin wallets will integrate this feature. Some companies are actively working on it, whereas others remain silent. Mycelium and Breadwallet are two main wallets that need to embrace SegWit soon. Whether or not that will effectively happen, remains to be seen right now. We do know the new version of Electrum will support Segregated Witness, which will bump up the numbers a bit.

This lack of wallet support is rather disturbing, though. SegWit has activated on the Bitcoin network quite some time ago. It is unclear why so many wallet developers continue to delay this much-needed integration. Ledger and Trezor have done their job accordingly, but they are two of the handful of companies to do so. While it is true most wallets are developed without proper funding, this update can’t be delayed much longer.

While 9% is nothing spectacular, it shows things are moving in the right direction. SegWit2x and BCH supporters will claim this is a sign of people losing confidence in the Bitcoin Core team. That is anything but the case, mind you. Then again, Bitcoin has become a political debacle with a heavily inflated drama level these days. SegWit was developed properly and test accordingly. Other projects trying to “oppose’ Core may want to do their own work in this regard as well.

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