New Zealand
BitPrime, a brand-new, full-service Bitcoin
trading platform designed to provide a reliable and secure
site for the buying and selling of Bitcoin, a type of
digital currency in which encryption techniques are used to
regulate the generation of units of currency and verify the
transfer of funds, this week officially announced their
Bitcoin platform is open for business.

Borne from a
passion for taking the complexity and danger out of trading
Bitcoins, which can come to represent a significant
investment, BitPrime is a centralized, consolidated platform
in New Zealand that uses a safe, third-party escrow service
for all client’s peace of mind.

“We are a
cryptocurrency trading platform, committed to buying Bitcoin
and selling Bitcoin at the most competitive rates available
today,” said Geoffrey Palmer, Founder and Owner of
BitPrime. “The ultimate goal of our new site is to make
the entire transaction safer and faster for everyone
involved”. “Bitcoin is a fairly new concept for most
people, so we want to make it an accessible form of
investment for everyday New Zealanders”. “With interest
rates being so low investors are looking for better returns
in different asset classes, and this is precisely what
Bitcoin offers”.

For those interested in buying Bitcoin
from the platform, they will be able to acquire the digital
currency in just minutes. Once the client initiates a
transaction, BitPrime’s third-party escrow partner, Local
Bitcoins, will hold the bitcoin in trust until the payment
has been made. BitPrime can accept both bank transfers and
cash deposits, as well as in-person transactions for
customers based in Christchurch.

Investors are also able
to sell their bitcoin on BitPrime. “We will always pay a
competitive price for a client’s Bitcoins and act with
discretion at all times,” said Geoffrey Palmer. “Bitcoin
is a formidable up-and-coming digital currency that is
revolutionizing business and monetary transactions as we
know it throughout the world”.

BitPrime is a Kiwi-owned
and operated business. They are committed to building
long-term relationships with Bitcoin investors looking to
take profits and Bitcoin miners.

The BitPrime platform
owns and updates an informational blog for all visitors
interested in learning more about selling and buying

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