If your wallet is full of crumpled cash and countless credit cards, then you’ve probably felt like throwing these all out one day. However, what are you supposed to use instead? Cryptocurrency? Well, not a bad idea. However, there are so many traps and pitfalls. Fortunately, the GRAFT team has resolved the issues and made the process easy
and bulletproof.

GRAFT is a universal payment platform that is based on blockchain technology and can be used by merchants and users alike. Our online platform combines features of both cryptocurrency and a decentralized point of sale. It means that whether you are a merchant or a user, you have an unprecedented opportunity to have all your finances controlled by a single means–a special credit card. If you want to know more details, you are welcome to get acquainted with our white paper.

The issue has become so relevant that we are witnessing a rapidly growing interest on the Internet. Just the search for “Bitcoin payment acceptance” increased in worldwide interest by over 400% within the last year. This is a strong indication for the demand that systems like GRAFT can provide with supply.

GRAFT has successfully streamlined the process of money acceptance using standard (POS) software or their own mobile POS. Merchants no longer need to maintain separate POS apps and wallets. Furthermore, merchants can feel much better about the cost of transactions, with fees using GRAFT network as low as $0.01-0.02 (fiat credit card fees excluded).

“We’ve tried to provide the best user experience for buyers and better fees to merchants, and we succeeded,” said Slava Gomzin. “GRAFT payment transaction can take various convertible cryptocurrencies or local fiat currencies in the form of credit/debit card as an input. The automatic instant conversion will help adopt GRAFT payments by mainstream users who are not familiar enough with cryptocurrency ecosystem and still feel more comfortable with the traditional method of payment, but seek better security, privacy, and full anonymity of their transactions.”

To blast off our GRAFT starship and expedite the desired future, we announce a pre-sale of GRAFT tokens (GRF), based on NEM Mosaic, a smart contract token platform.

For the next few days, you have an attractive opportunity to purchase our tokens at a pre-sale price of 0.001843 BTC/0.028 ETH/28.06 XEM, 30% less than the final sale price, which is set at 0.00262 BTC/0.04 ETH/40.09 XEM. Just specify the desired number of tokens in BTC, ETH, or XEM and get them delivered to your NEM wallet.

Why may you need GRAFT tokens? If you intend to use the GRAFT network either as a user or as a merchant, or if you want to provide services or mine GRAFT, you will be able to exchange the GRAFT tokens for GRF on a live network. This is a fantastic opportunity to build a new world together!

For more details about the platform, please see GRAFT White Paper or/and Frequently Asked Questions.

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