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Ethereum’s mobile client called Status has just recently announced a new partnership with OmiseGo (OMG), as well as the platform’s plans to adopt OMG’s decentralized exchange.

Status goes OMG

Many are already familiar with the open source dApp for phones and browsers called Status. A lot of people also know that it was created on Ethereum’s blockchain, which makes it one of its first clients. Now, Status has released a tweet in which it announced a new partnership with OmiseGo (OMG).

The two were familiar to each other from several research projects that they collaborated on, but this is the first time that they are entering a full partnership. Status is a very popular messenger app, while OmiseGo has quite a reputation as one of the largest names when it comes to on-chain, as well as cross-chain transactions. They also have a lot of experience when it comes to Plasma scalability research, as well as interoperability.

Both of these projects share a similar goal, which is to make the world more open. They plan to do so by allowing users to access Ethereum’s public blockchain much more easily. Both teams are excited about the partnership and future collaboration and have stated that the two fit together perfectly.

This is true in several ways, and their roles in the partnership will be clearly separated. OMG will have the task of creating financial tools that will be used in an open infrastructure, while Status will be taking care of the tools’ adoption and distribution throughout the world.

A large step towards decentralization

Both projects want one thing, and that is to bring cryptos to as many people as they can. Their efforts are dedicated towards making a shift towards cryptos, and to its mainstream adoption.

Status’ part in this will be to work with OMG for the purpose of integration of OmiseGo’s DEX (Decentralized Exchange). Furthermore, the joint effort of the two projects will also touch upon scalability research, and even on trying to improve the web3 ecosystem.

It makes sense for Status to wish to adopt DEX, considering that DEX brings a lot more security and scalability since it is in POS network. It will also make interoperability possible, for on-chain and off-chain transactions alike.

As mentioned, both of the projects are focused on achieving ultimate decentralization, and this partnership is seen by both parties as the next step on that road. Together, and through this collaboration, Status and OMG are progressing, and heading towards an advanced, decentralized economy.

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