Weapons have been sold through his website, including those used at the Terrorist attacks in Munich. Now the police have arrested the 30-year-old operator.

According to the Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA) of Monday, the sale of the weapon used in the amok run in Munich in July 2016 is supposed to have been handled via the internet forum. The 30-year-old suspect has been the sole administrator of the forum since 2013, through which numerous illegal trafficking, especially drugs and weapons, had been carried out.
“Germany in the DeepWeb”

According to information from heise online, it is the forum “Germany in the DeepWeb” (DiDW), which had about 35,000 members; The BKA speaks of 20,000 members. The forum has been in existence since March 2013. The party concerned is thus the operator, who appeared in the forum as “luckyspax” or “Lucky”.

According to the BKA, the arrest on Thursday evening was preceded by covert investigations. In the case of a search for a home, numerous forces, in particular computers, data carriers and small amounts of narcotics, were found. Also the server was confiscated, the forum switched off.
Suspicion of aid to arms trafficking

On Friday the prisoner of the Karlsruhe district court announced an arrest warrant issued by the District Court of Giessen on suspicion of the aid for the illicit trafficking of weapons and narcotics. In an amok run in Munich, an 18-year-old had killed nine people at the Olympic shopping center on July 22, 2016 and then shot himself. The alleged gunmaker had already been arrested in Marburg in August.

The now closed DiDW was not a marketplace like Silkroad, but a phpBB forum without shops, which was intended primarily for the exchange of opinion. There were also many traders who have offered and sold their goods in threads [- | But not as in Alphabay or similar on the platform, but in direct contact with the customer.

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