It is evident a lot of people are looking to invest in various altcoins right now. Picking the right currency or asset is not as easy, though. More specifically, there are plenty of options to choose from and only so much money to be spent. Palm Beach Group claims XRP will be the coin to keep an eye on. Whether or not that will be the right call, remains to be seen, though.

It has to be said, Palm Beach Group has a solid track record when it comes to altcoin predictions. More specifically, the group has picked some interesting currencies as of late. Both NEO and Ethereum were some of their recommendations in the past few months. People following their advice have undoubtedly made some healthy profits. Slowly but surely, the altcoin community is paying more attention to this group’s advice. An interesting development well worth keeping an eye on, to say the least.

An Interesting XRP Price Suggestion By Palm Beach Group

One of their latest picks is a pretty interesting one. More specifically, they talk about XRP in the most recent newsletter. That is pretty big, considering XRP has seen solid gains all throughout 2017 already. There have been some interesting developments as of late a swell. Whether or not this advice will make more people buy XRP, remains to be seen. Right now, the XRP price sits at $0.215. There is plenty of room for future price gains, to say the very least.

As is usually the case, the group doesn’t make a “top” call either. In most cases, the Palm Beach Group will not set a sell target. This means investors have to make up their own mind when it comes to XRP in this regard. Rest assured there is a real chance XRP will hit $1 at some point. Whether or not it will happen anytime soon, remains highly doubtful. Then again, there is plenty of reason to think good things will happen for this digital asset.

There is a growing sentiment of how XRP will reach $0.30 soon. It is still a nearly 50% price increase compared to the current value. While $0.30 isn’t an unrealistic XREP price, there is a very long way to go. Earlier this week, the XRP price almost hit that target, but it fell a bit short in the end. There is some good money to be made with this digital asset. Palm Beach Group acknowledges that fact as well. Buying at well below $0.20 is almost a guarantee for profit right now.

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