There is a good news for Paybis users since the UK-based cryptocurrency platform has recently announced the provision of 25% discount on Bitcoin purchases made via credit or debit cards. According to this scheme, the users on Paybis will now be able to purchase Bitcoin with their cards instantly at much lower price. This measure taken by the company has indeed made it one of the leading platforms to buy cryptocurrency.

Paybis is one of the fastest growing digital and cryptocurrency exchange platforms, founded in 2014. The team behind the platform, consisting of savvy professionals from diverse industries, aims to solve actual e-commerce problems encountered by digital currency and cryptocurrency investors and traders. It is to be noted that this platform is one of the very few similar platforms that have a valid Federal Money Service Business (MSB) license in the U.S.

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The Rewards for the Users

As per recent announcement, customers purchasing Bitcoin on Paybis through debit or credit cards will pay 25% less fee than before. Once the transaction is approved by the credit card processor, the Paybis users will instantly get their purchased bitcoins. The aim behind this move is to facilitate transactions being faster and more seamless.

Apart from 25% discount on the purchase fee for the existing users, the new users also have a chance to avail handsome weekly monthly credit card purchase allowance of $5,000 and $200,000 USD respectively.

The Process is Simple Fast

Purchasing Bitcoin with a card is an easier and hassle free process, enabling users to just create their account on and sign in with their social media or Google to start. It makes platform easy to use for everyone. Upon verification, users can select the amount against the cryptocurrency to be purchased and initiate payment. The currency options USD, GBP or EUR are also available to buyers using credit and debit cards.

Unique Verification Process

The verification process is also faster, taking no more than 30 minutes.  A simple tiered system has been created for the users who want to buy Bitcoin with other payment methods. In this system, they can increase their spending limits by completing various verification levels.

The Platform Caters Diverse Users supports many digital currencies and payment methods including PayPal, MoneyGram, Western Union, OKPay, Skrill, WebMoney, Perfect Monet, Payeer, Epay, Payza and Yandex Money. A gift card is also offered to Bitcoin option, supporting various gift cards from mainstream U.S. vendors like Target, Walmart, Amazon, and others.

The Features

Paybis is easy to use interface platform with 24/7 customer support. The state of the art security ensures high privacy and safety of transactions, while automated payment and transfer process instantly deliver bitcoins to buyers. There is no hidden charges and users can access the fee structures and exchange rates on the Paybis website.

The platform has witnessed over 100,000 transactions with more than 50,000 customers so far. In future, Paybis aims to improve the platforms with new objectives and features.

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